How Do You Tell Your Parents About The Person You Like?


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Talking to parents about someone you love and want to spend life with, can be a little difficult. We all respect our parents and at times parents are quite friendly with their kids but then again the point is that is it really easy to talk to your parents about someone you love. The question arises, how will they react to it? What will their decision be? Will they like him/her? Will they agree?
All these questions are sure to run through ones' mind.

The point is you don't want to sound rude or mean to your parents or disrespect them by saying that you like or love someone. The simplest way you can talk to your parents is just invite that person at home and tell your parents that you two are good friends and give your parents a chance to know them and talk to them. Once they will get to meet them, you're surely to get a positive response. And then after sometime you can tell your parents that you love him/her and want to spend live together. Tell them that whatever their decision will be you will completely respect it, but do tell them that you love him/her a lot and don't want to lose them at any cost. Parents are not your enemy, they just want you to be happy and if they see your happiness, they will never go against it. They just want to make sure that you don't make mistake in life. Once you convince them, it will all be good.
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If you really love a person and have decided that you want to spend your life with him, you must tell your parents about him. You can break it to them casually. The best way to break it to them is to first speak about it to the parent you are closer to. Make it a part of a casual conversation, say, over coffee. You could also take them out and arrange for the guy to meet them, 'accidentally' or otherwise. Then at a later time you could talk about him. If you are at an age where you are able to take such a responsible decision, it should not be that hard for your parents to accept him. However, if you are still young, and at an age that is considered immature, I would suggest you wait a while. Also, it would definitely be easier if the person you want to tell your parents about is financially stable and a responsible person himself.

Telling your parents about the person can be an extremely difficult thing or a simple matter, depending on a number of factors. The factors that make this easy or difficult include which part of the world you stay in, how good the person is, what is his social status – whether he is working, how stable he is financially, and in countries in Asia, such as India, Pakistan – whether he is from the same caste/tribe, religion, etc.
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γ€€γ€€Sit your parents down and talk to them like adults. I am sure they have been in your positon at least once in their life, considering they are your parents. If you tell them how great the person is they will probably be more apt to meet him and let you hang out with him more often. Keeping it from your parents isn't always the best option.
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Hi I just completed by engineering degree but two more backpaper to clear. But I got a job with a reasonable pay .I love a girl she is also same age of mine , working on a firm having similar salary of mine ..
She made got me the job and a life .
We are sure that we wil be happy if we live together.

But How do I convince my parents . We both are different caste [ So called caste !  ], same religion![ luck ]
.But I went her home few times, had food too.

But we having two more year time to talk about this matter to our parents.
What advice can you give for us.
Both are financially similar condition. Age 22 and 21 respectively.

Please give me a suggestion, So that we can concentrate on work for now, for a better future and want to live together.

Location : South india
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I don't know I fill not a good think but they don't ib en what to let me talk to my mom I don't know wath am going to do!
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I'm having that prob so I thinking about inviting the person over and telling them nice and calmly that were dating. (srry about spelling I suck at it)

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