What Do You Do If Your Parents Are Fighting?


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I am sorry you have to see your parents fight.  It is sad that some times parents fight in front of their children without thinking what it is doing to their children.  I would talk to your parents and let them know how you feel.  Hopefully, then they will at least stop doing it in front of you.  If there are any other siblings younger than you.  I would try and keep them out of the room if possible.  Try and keep them occupied with something else if you possibly can so they don't have to see it either.  Even though that is something they should be worrying about.  But sometimes its hard and parents just get overwhelmed and don't realize what they are doing to their children when they are arguing in front of them.  If you can't talk to your parents maybe try and at least talk to one of them and tell them how you feel.  Leave the room if possible.  Maybe go stay with a neighbor if possible.  Good luck.  don't take it personally. 
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There is nothing you can do about yelling and words, except leave the room and let them have it out. Later when they aren't mad try telling them how much it bothers you to see them fight. If they are hitting and harming each other call the police.
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Try to stay out of their way while they are fighting. Go to your room or outside if you can. And then at a time when they are not fighting, explain to your parents (both if you can or whichever one you feel most comfortable with) how if makes you feel when they are fighting. Sometimes parents have arguments and disagreements and that is part of life. But yelling and name calling are not. I really hope that is not the case with your parents. But if it is, do the best you can to realize that it has nothing to do with you and remember that you can't control their behavior--only your own. Good luck.
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When your parents fight , understand that it is normal .. When they go hitting and harming each other , try to be there and stop them from hurting each other .. They will see sometime that what they are doing is wrong .. And ofcourse , PRAY that everything may be okay , coz really , everything will be okay .. :)
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Go on hulu and watch some funny tv, go on youtube and listen to some fun dance music and BLAST IT :), or talk to some friends
my parents are fighting right at this moment...
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You should go to your room and stay there and when dinner comes don't eat with eat after when they are watching t.v.  Parents my end up getting a divorse but remember its better to by happy and apart then mad and together.
      I am 12 and my parents have been fighting for days each day about somthing different. I want to run away and hide but theres no where to go.
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This is a tough situation to be in. When parents fight, it always makes their children feel awkward, confused and scared.

I think confronting them and letting them know how you feel is very important, but unfortunately intervening while they're actually arguing might not be the best time to speak up, as tempers and emotions will likely be running high.

Instead, while your parents are arguing, I'd recommend going to your room or somewhere that you feel safe, and write down how you're feeling.

Write down a letter explaining how their fighting makes you feel, and why you'd like them to stop.

Save that letter for when things have calmed down and both of your parents are in a good mood, and then deliver the letter to them.

Hopefully, when they're clam and happy - they'll be more open-minded and willing to hear your side of the story.

You also need to always remember that parents usually argue because of various pressures and stresses that might not always be that evident.

Maybe they're having trouble at work, or find themselves in financial difficulty.. These are the kind of things that parents rarely talk about with their kids, but can definitely lead to tensions and arguments within a relationship.

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Well there isn't much you can do to make them stop
they have to sort out whatever they need to
but maybe if you told them how you feel about them fighting
it may open their eyes to how it effects you
and maybe they could get some counsellings
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Stay out of the fight and try to get your parents to see that it might be affecting you in some way.Hopefully they will see that themselves and not fight as much then.-Iamlegend
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You don't talk to them until they notice that them fighting is the reason why your mad at them. 75% of the parents get divorced, so make sure that doesn't happen.

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I hate it when my parents  fight they fight all the time give me some advise I am in desprit need
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I am really scared because my parents might get divorced and I'm only 10 years old. Please someone give me some help

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