My Parents And Grandparents Keep On Fighting. How Can I Stop Them?


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When ever I'm in that situation, I try to stay out of it as much as possible but, however, I do remind them that there are others in the room and to please try and keep it civil. Nobody else needs to be around the negativity of a fight, it just drags everyone else down. At the same time, it's hard to not add fuel to the fire. It's hard, and I try to keep in mind that they are my elders and I must respect them but it's not easy to keep a respect when they are at each others throat.

There have been times when I've had to walk out of the room heartsick over it. When the storm is over I try to keep my mind open and listen to them if they talk to me. I then will approach and let them know how much I do not like to hear the fighting and how it hurts me. Nine times out of ten they don't realize how much they've put onto the others in the room when they are fighting and it makes them realize that. Be honest with your feelings and let them know how you feel. If they don't like it, too bad, least they know what they are doing.
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If I'm in your situation, (you look so concern about your family which is very good) I will tell directly while they are fighting to stop fighting and have respect for other people in the room (you are the other people). Then, help them solve the problem but you have to be extra cautious about giving your solution. Make sure it's benefiting the three of you.make sure it's the right solution and then act like you are the one that think like the adult and mention that to them. They should feel embarrassed to them selves and that's what they need.
Tell them nicely and calmly and apologetically too. And also add that when they fight, "it breaks your heart and you are scared. They have to stop if they love you." Leave it at that.
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You can't really change your parents & grandparents. Try to pacify both of them that's all you can do.
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As the man gets older and older his or hers habits get rigid, hard and unchangeable. All of us should try to make adjustments with their habits, ideas and visions. We should never try to change their habits, visions and ideas because they are unchangeable and if we go on trying, the results will be worst.
So far you're question that your parents and grand parents keep on fighting and how could you stop them, I can give you some suggestions to overcome this difficulty.
First of all try to find out the root cause of those fights and conflicts. Once you have known those reasons, and then make a plan to overcome those reasons. You can play a part of a bridge between your parents and your grand parents. Slowly and softly make both the parties realize their mistakes and mis perceptions about each other. They may act as if they haven't liked your ideas and suggestions but you go on doing your job. I am very much hopeful that by adopting these methods you will be able to settle down their fights and they will lead a happy life with you as well as among themselves.
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Hey man you are in the same situation as me... My parents have been fighting for over 1 1/2 years now. And thety fight about the stupidest things, my dad is too overprotected with my younger brother, he has difficulties sleeping and he gets too stressed over it... I would talk to them privatly about what is hurting them most and then all three of you go to the same room and tell each other your problems. If that does not work then I guess you should find a really good counsler..  Any way good luck
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Very simple
actually their is a way to solve your prob but you I will tell you two ways
(1)  you ever say the movie name bhajan (an Indian movie) if not than bring that movie in your house and see it wid your parents & grandparent both please try it ones . I promise you that you found the better result otherwise 2nd way is
(2). One day you will fight wid your parents about these ank ask him that if they live like that than you leave the house for ever ... It might help or can't helps but definitely reduce the fight
you may ask for another reply I will thing than I will tell you
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Leave them alone and come front them
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it is really up to them to change however grandparents are usually set in thier ways. if you are a christian you can pray about it and then leave it in the Lord's is there already.

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