Do You Remember Any 'Old Time' Sayings Used By Your Grandparents/parents?


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Mandy Pickstone answered
I can only remember, and use myself the short ones like `The pot calling the kettle black`, Its `The same as six or two threes`.
`Three sheets to the wind` is someone who is a little slow on the uptake/stupid which can be turned into `A chip short of a full butty` and so on!
The biggest ones I remember are `I want gets nothing`, `There is no such word as can't`, and `Stop crying or you will get something to cry for`. And I have to say, they worked and still do!
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d ds answered
I cannot remember any when I was a too little kid but I remember of times when I grew up a little and able to understand things. When I was kid my relationship with grandma used to be very friendly and she used to say things on which I had to focus on to understand and my habit of exploring things got its roots from that.

My grandma used to use "Do Bad, Get Bad-She said that on an event but I never believed it when I was 8-9 years old",

"Good are those from whose hands and mouth everyone else remains safe-
Again that was for a reason, I at that time hardly configure what mouth

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