Why Don't Guys Like Me?


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I think your problem is that you are trying too hard to get a boyfriend. It has always seemed to be that I found a boyfriend when I wasn't looking. Also, take a good look at your personality. Is there something you are doing that scares guys away? Are you too forward? Or too shy? Always be yourself, but be considerate of the people around you. Try not to be jealous of your friend. Jealousy is an ugly thing, and people notice it. Be friendly with everyone and just have a good time. People love to be around happy and funny people. But don't ever change who you are to be what someone wants you to be. If a guy doesn't like you for who you are, they aren't worth your time anyways! Be patient, it will happen. Good luck!
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Hey friend it seems you are having a bit of inferiority complex, sorry to say but having a boy friend is not a great thing is life to achieve. Leave a side that thought & think of achieving other things in life.
I am sorry if I had hurt you. All the best
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I have the same problem as you. I never used to care through my high school years but now i am in university and i still never find any guy who likes me whom i can potentially like. Lately it has been bugging me a lot. I am left with one year in university and i have experience no such thing as love. I do not want to look back and regret having spent my youth alone.... I feel so sorry for myself. The worst is trying to find a reason why they do not ever come up to me or try something although many of my guy friends claim they were shocked to know i was single when they got to know me. :'(
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What is the most dumbest thing to do while your in school? Not talk or learn the art of conversation. Know whats going on and talk about it to anyone.
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Well, try myspace. After all, there are guys who are single.
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A person doesn't look smart and good with his look . A person lookS smart with his behavior . So, I think if you are smart and good and no want to talk to you, leave them. One  day they will want to be friends with you.


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Well maybe you should be more honest and if your always honest then maybe guys do like you you just dont no it because they are shy to ask you to  go out  with them
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You need to look cute,skinny,and look nice.if you are annoying they wont like you.also be nice to them.and i am a boy too.
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I'm sure guys like you. You may feel a little insecure but we all feel that way. But they probably do like you.

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Hang out more with the guys.... That will get them to notice you. Meet new guys and hang out with their group. Zone out all but one guy and focus on him.   Good luck! <3

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