Why Do No Guys Like Me?


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Alan answered
That does depend on many things. But one thing guys don't like is a girl who is smarter than them at boy things like cars or sports etc. The right guy will just be there someday when you least expect it.

wilbert u can call me sue Profile
Often times, the male is attracted to certain physical aspects.  This is because of th instinct to procreate, to have babies.  Men will often judge on physical appearance, and nothing more, so if you are well developped at an early age, boys can't help but look.  It's all hormonal.  It has nothing to do with who you are.  My daughter had the same problem  as she developped early.  Large breasts, ans wide hips, and small waist,  Other girls were jeleous.  She hated the attention.  She is now in a wonderful relationship with a fellow who is nuts about her, but in her youth, it was difficult as she developed early and was  attractive because of her figure.  She learnt real fast that a guy who like her for who she is and not just looks, was much better than a guy who judged only on physical appearence.  A guy who is hot for you only because you look a certain way only had one thing in mind.  If he respects who you are, he will get to know you first.  And if a guy is insecure only because you know more than him, is not worth having as  a boyfriend.  Do not play dumb just to get a guy.  A note to guys out there, if you marry dumb, that is what your kids will be
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Richard Lam answered
Either someone spread bad rumors about you, you not a good-looking, or over-weight
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karolynn devoss answered
It all depends on who you are how you act and who you hangout with

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