Why Do Guys Like Boobs?


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I'm guessing it's because they're sex organs and things happen to them when they get aroused. LIke if some guy touches your knee, nothing happens, but if a guy touches your boobs then...thing happen hahaha. Also they're a rare sight (minus porn magazines, and movies.) No matter how loose fit clothing or tight clothing a girl wears, her boobs are always covered. Even in bikini's. They can be as skimpy as hell but their boobs are always partially covered I think guys like them so much because for a long time they;re forbidden from their sight and touch until they can get close emotionally enough with a girl to gain trust and to sleep with her and fool around.
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Its just a sexual tool when can use to subdouse a men (or woman) its the way they use them that makes men get aroused.
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Its something sexual that men have in there body

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