Why Do Guys Like Virgins More?


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Guys like virgins more because they're the "first ones" to ever have intercourse with that particular person. It gives them an ego boost, but depending on the guy, it can also cause them to actually feel a bit more... Well, 'special' in a sense. For guys, sex is a way for them to bond with their partner [so I've heard from many guys], and to be the first she's slept with, that's pretty big for them.

Virginity is more than just innocence, it's also like a gift. Something you should cherish while you still have it before you give it to your partner.

For example, Aza*, the guy I'm actually very much interested in, even said so himself that he got 'butterflies in his stomach at the thought of receiving another's virginity.' So really, it's as big a deal to guys as it can be to girls. That's assuming you find the guy that would actually cherish such a 'gift.' Other guys are known to be pig-headed and only take them for granted; it's more for their ego than anything else.

It really does depend on the man these days :p. Though there are few good men left, he's definitely one in a million.

[*Aza: A nickname; I chose to not disclose his real name. :3]

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It has to do with the idea of being the first to be there, so to speak, this gives them an ego also. They like to be able to boast about being the first on there. What heathens they are. Hope this helps.
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From my understanding and experiences, guys don't necessarily like virgins more. There are ways for girls to keep themselves "tight". Some guys have fantasies of being the one to take the girl's virginity aka innocence, but for the most part (from my life experiences) guys always want a girl that is experienced, very very experienced and willing to try anything. Now I know as guys get older the fantasies of being with a virgin increase...but I believe it goes along the lines of having something new.
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Virgins are still tight. Non-Virgins are loose.
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Jacquelyn Mathis
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Not always true, it's a matter of doing your keggles, and not abusing yourself.
Lena JH
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Not all non-virgins are loose
Kristi DeMilta
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Not completely true; even non-virgins can be tight [I have a girlfriend who is like that; she's always like a virgin all over again, and it hurts her] by either genetics or flexing your PC muscles.
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No they like the way you are not your virgins
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It's about being each other's first.

However, I believe when true love become on the line, none of this matters.

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Do they? I'd prefer experience over fumbling ineptitude, however sweet it is.

There's a parable about a very modern young man who, on his wedding night said to his bride, "I think we should be completely honest with each other. Tell me, darling, how many men have slept with you?"

She gave him a wifely peck on the cheek and said, "If you doze off, you'll be the first."

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Talk about lumping all people into the same category.....what biased answers we have here on blurt it and it looks like all women answering...hmmmm....I wonder who decides to give up their virginity outside of marriage and then decides all men are like this.....whoa!!!!! Talk about throwing the baby out with the bath water...ever think it mite have been your personal choice and the guys you choose...wow! This reminds me of those sites where you bash your boyfriends/ex's.....I'm not perfect but I 'm not one of these guys you have apparently decided we are all lumped together with..... Whao!!!!back the truck up and rethink your answers....to much? Nah! Just my two cents....
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Wow you have me completely confused lol
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I like to do this when i see people making generalizations about people....especially when i see it is all one sided....and i am being put in the same category with all these other guys you apparently have ran into and judge the rest of us by.......
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" Not all men like virgins", is 100% right. I agree generalizations are annoying, but try not to worry too much on defending yourself if you know who you are (as a girl, I have to deal this too, in different ways). The answers ARE based off personal experience, after all, and not really intended to "kill men". Try throwing in a man answer, if you're saying all women are answering. respect
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I think the older you get you know the whole "Wew-Hew I Just Popped that girls cherry" I believe that goes away I agree with "Lady Lena" experience goes along way and the whole non-virgins are loose thing isn't true well I guess in some cases yes but many others I disagree... I don't think it's all about "Aww..Yeah man I hit this chick, this chick, this virgin this that BLAH" I think sex,love making whatever you want to call it is a very special thing..and should not be taken lite but thats ot usually the case...Look for something special about a person...Go ahead fall in love! Don't worry about virgin or not!
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Well, any time after age 19, its just weird...guys want someone experienced most of the time..and staying a virgin for too long can seem creepy to some people..they also might be intimidated to make your first time extra special and get nervous

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