Should I Tell Him I'm Still A Virgin?


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Yeah you should always be honest with the person you are with. Maybe then he wont take things as fast if he knew you were one. Some guys like to bicker about sex that make you feel uncomfortable. So be honest with him he will respect you.
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I see you are 15 years old according to your profile, so I would guess you have tons of other things to interest you if your young man decides to exit. Although the reason may not be your virginity ... Let's examine the fact that you were dishonest in your answer. Once you've established that foundation it's difficult for people to know when you are being honest. I would suggest you come clean with your information and let the cards fall where they may. If he forgives and forgets ... GREAT! Then practice honesty from that point on. Now here's the motherly advice ... Don't let him pressure you into anything you may not be ready for. Be thoroughly informed of all the consequences (good and bad) that result from becoming sexually active. Always protect your self-esteem, your reputation and YOUR BODY!
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I agree with 'beast3' to the MAXIMUM! I'm 15 years old myself and the best idea would be to tell him the truth. I know exactly how you feel because I did the same thing but I had so much guilt that I ended up breaking up with him before I had sex with him. If this relationship doesn't work out, don't ever lie to your next boo EVER because it just ruins everything...but I suggest you tell him you a virgin, if he really like you for you he wont trip and he would respect you a lot more. Trust me he wont think you're a "immature little girl" haha that's what I thought when I lied to him and told him I wasn't a virgin...he wont think that way about you...I know its hard but just do it and get it over with and if he rejects you, you'll find out it wasn't meant to be and that he doesn't really like you, he just wants to have sex! At that point, just move on and find someone who has deep feelings for you and TRULY loves you and cares for you. PS: When you have sex for the first time make SURE you both feel the same about each other and that the relationship is mature and REAL! Because trust me, it isn't worth it to have sex with someone you don't really like or vise versa, it wont mean anything at all afterwards!! I made that mistake!... I deem its' MUCH more fulfilling if you have sex if you both have true feelings for one another!! Take this advice...god bless!
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Whoa whoa whoa first of all you should know all guys go for the virgins there more funner sometimes and if you think that he would break up with you because you a virgin then he must really not like you that much and not be worth it so just tell him the next time you guys are talking about it
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You should tell him and if he does want to do it just explain how your not ready and if he dumps you for that than he is a asshole. Also when he asks why you lied say "cause I was afraid you'd dump me"
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Yu should tell him. It may make him feel better because yu are one. My boyfriend is glad I'm a virgin because no guy has (as he said) "touched what only he should touch"
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Sex with virgins is awesome

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