I'm 20, never been in a relationship, but I recently met this guy I really like. I'm really touchy and affectionate... it's not like i'm a prude but I am still a virgin... Do you think that would turn him off? Or am I overthinking this situation :p?


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Danae Hitch answered

Yes, I have some advice for you. Keep your hands to yourself. As you become friends and you begin to get to know the other person, you can discern how comfortable they are with someone randomly touching them. Otherwise, it's paws off. Everyone is entitled to feel comfortable with someone else. It's creepy when you start off a friendship with someone that is all over them and can't keep their hands to themselves.

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Lilly Gray answered

Personally I think you're overthinking this... Just try to get a date with the guy and get to know him before jumping to conclusions..!!

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Darik Majoren answered

So, you should be a little more respectful of others in this regard.

Men are aroused merely by sight . . . When you add in "Touchy and Affectionate", you are sending all the wrong signals to the male of our species.

Here's the point . . . You want to maintain your virginity? Fine. Respect those you do have a relationship with . .  That should be right out there on the table via verbal communication. To some men it WILL be off putting . . . Find someone that it isn't . . Perhaps a man who is also maintaining their virginity.

What is the most Off Putting, is people whom do not communicate these things that some find "important" in a relationship, and getting a man aroused only to say "Whoa Tiger, slow down there . . . It's not going to happen." is the epitome of "Off Putting" . . . It is "Being a Tease", and more about Power then anything else.

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