How do you keep your friends?


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Every relationship holds a special place in every person's life, but there is one bond that is extremely precious & special and that is friendship. We, human beings are social animals and we want to belong to a group and be accepted by others. However, it requires great skills to make friends and maintain them as well. Talking about friendship, small children usually tend to feel shy when it comes to making friends. This is because they hesitate to approach a complete stranger and talk to him/her. It is here that the role of parents makes a difference. Therefore, parents should figure out the reason behind their child not able to make friends. This is because they do not know the root cause of this problem.
Supposingly, if a child says, she does not have any friends, then the best way is to calmly ask her about the children the parent knows, she has played with and who want to remain her friends. This way parents will gradually shift her mind from worrying about a friend or two who do not like her, to those who want to befriend her.
Likewise, there are a plenty of other ways through which friends can be made and sustain as well.
Moreover, the most effective way to keep friends is to stay loyal and honest towards your friends. A true friend is one who wishes and prays for the well-being if her friends/ So make every possible effort to stay honest and loyal.

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