How Do I Know If There Is A Future For Me And My Boyfriend?


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Well if there is a future for you, You should know that by now: If you guys both want the same things out of your future and you both love each other, Yes there`s a high chance you both might have a pretty good future together, Does he have the same dreams and goals that you have? Does he want the same things you want? Will he support you if you need him? Will he always be there for you? If you answered yes to all these questions then there`s a chance you might make it together. Good Luck.
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Well you don't really know. The only thing you have to go on is Do you love him? And Does he love you? That's the mystery of love for you. Another way to work out if there is a future for you and your boyfriend is to talk. That's the key - communication. Hope it works out for you.
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You already know the answer. Its in your heart.
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I agree with ~kleer4t~ you already know the answer... Its in your heart. And i think that if you felt the need to ask this question, then maybe your question alone has answerd its self... Best wishes
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It's up to you ! HAPPINESS of love is not destiny! It's a CHOICE!!!

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If things feel right and he is dedicated to you, there is a good chance. Remember if he is making plans for your future, he has long term goals in mind
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You and ur boyfriend need to get ur love together and make ur life happy make ur love bigger ur will see ur changes and an u will know ur feature sooner or later but i think that ur feature is so much love and so much happiness

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