My boyfriend just broke up with me over a text. And there is a boy I like, but that was my first and longest boyfriend. I don't know if I should ask someone else out just yet. Suggestions so I don't end up with unwavering guilt?


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Darling Divaa answered

First of all sorry. To do it in a text is cowardly, at least to me, plus if he was your first that makes it even harder. You need to give yourself some time before you move on.  If you rush right back into another relationship it would just be rebound and you could get hurt again.

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spunky monkey answered

Hey Zoe. I am so sorry to hear that your bf couldn't be man enough to do it face to face and I wouldn't try to date for a while. You don't want to get hurt again. And he being your first he should of told you face to face instead of a text message. I am so sorry  and hope you can get over the hurt he put you through. Find a new one when you're ready.

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