How Do I Get Over This Break Up?


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If he didn't do anything, then obviously he doesn't care as much for you as you do for him.  If this is the type of relationship you want to continue, then it will be hard for you to get over this.  Surely it is possible to find someone that will care about you more than he does (not just as a friend).
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I have to agree with S407 I mean you're putting this break up to hard on yourself. First of all he shouldn't have gone through your stuff cause that's like a personal bubble. So basically I think he broke up with you because he was jealous that you didn't have the feelings you had for this guy in this note. Well anyways he needs to grow up and you need to be strong cause there are plenty of guys out there. I'm sure you're a very attractive young woman, but don't let yourself down so hard. He was stupid for breaking up with you in the first place cause he lost something very special. He's a douche and he'll regret it. Just prove that your strong, Keep your head up.
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The note was about my ex boyfriend.not another guy.and he accidently saw anyway.
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Take this time to work on yourself,love yourself,you have to love yourself in order to love someone else , chin up and love self all things will work out in your favor .....the best to your.....
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From now on if a person can't give you as much as you give them you do the leaving never let this happen again, give no more than you get, and stay on top of the game...the best to you...

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