How Do You Tell Your Boyfriend That You Want To Break Up?


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Ok here is my advise. This is what you should say to him " I really don't think things are working out. I do like you, I just think we need some time apart but I still hope we can be friends. And I also hope you'll always remember I'll be there for you no matter what. This has worked for all my friends and now there ex boyfriends are there best friends.(maybe I should try taken my own advise) Hope this works for you. I have faith in you.
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If   you  plan  on  breaking  up with  your  bf  
just   do  it   but  end  your  friendship  with him
Cause  as  long  ,   As  you  two  are  friends  from
my  point  of  view ,  He  will  most  likely  continue
to  have  loving  feelings  for  you ,  I  know  you  
think  Oh  no  this   won't   happen  ,  don't  say
no    cause   it    can   happen,  So  when  you
break  ties  off   as   bf  and   gf  ,  Break  ties  off
as  friends
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Oh my god I'm having the same exact problem too and it has been six moths and I love him a lot still and were still great friends but I'm just not feeling it like I was feeling it 5 months ago:(
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Just tell him how you feel. You guys can still be friends.
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Breaking Up is definitely not an easy thing to do.It has to be tackled carefully so whatever hurt results from the break up doesn't get too torturous for any one of you.

Breaking up immediately without prior notice might be hard on the other person. What you could do right now is that you could start de-attaching yourself from your boyfriend. Be around him less and make it clear that you are busy. Show him you have other priorities.Find new activities to engage yourself in.

You can go straight up to him and break up if you are dying to break up with him and don't really care what he is going to feel like. If you think he's been cheating on you then there is no use playing games. You should approach him directly then. In case he's a nice guy and you don't see the relationship going nowhere then you could try throwing hints and prepare him for the breakup. Then when you feel you have done enough homework, approach the subject and make him understand how you don't see this thing working for you both.It would hurt him but it's better to finish it off at that point than being in a relationship that doesn't mean anything to you now.
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It depends on why you want to break up..if its cus you lik another guy then tell him its over but don't tell him bout the other guy, if its because he is a bad bf then tell him what he did wrong then say goodbye and walk away, if your jus compleatly done with him and you don't exactly have a reason why you want to be done with him then genly break up with him and sorry and maaaybe yall can stay friends good luck =]
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Just tell him you don't think things are working out and it's not his fault. Tell him you want some time apart but you still want to be friends.
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Thats what I'm wondering also..about my boyfriend. I just don't have feelings for him anymore. But hes like a bff to me. I really don't want to hurt him and it would be so hard to do it in person I'm actually considering text :/
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Well, I think you should say to him that things aren't working out and that he deserves so much better! And say " I love you so much I'd never want to let you down in life and I want you to do well and another girl would be able to help you! But remember that Ill always be there for you!"

Best of luck...
and if that doesn't work tell him you have STI's.
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I'm having the same problem with my boyfriend. But hey we got our whole lives a head of us. Don't let one guy ruin it. Take a deep breath in and do what your heart tells you to do. Just tell your boyfriend things are not working out and you think you need some time alone. Things will end up ok. Don't you worry. Just remember fallow your heart and ywho knows were it will take you.
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I have exactly the same problem at the moment and I've realised the longer you leave it the harder its going to get so I'm just going to do it and get it over with, just tell him it doesnt feel the same as it used to anymore, be completely honest with him then maybe you will be ably to stay friends.

Hope everything works out for you :) x
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Set him down and be straightforward and honest. Do not lie to him at all. Tell him truthfully why it is over and you want to end the relationship. Honesty is always the best policy.
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Life is not full of roses, and some times we pick a rose only seeing its outward appearance, the worldly things about it, then in our second glance something better than this attracts our attention. Now it becomes too difficult if you have long relations, and you shared your most personal aspects of life with the person, but due to your second and better choice, it becomes necessary to leave the ineffective relationship.

There are two major reasons the first is your boredom with the same thing, the second is now you learn to judge him with his positive and negative qualities, and you reached the conclusion that you are not meant for this person. Some time some very mean aspects are hidden under the surface of so called relationship, and your awareness makes you to find out your second choice. Better way is that you tell this guy whom you want to leave about your own shortcomings and your attraction towards the other person, tell him that you realized he needs better partner than you, and now it is impossible for you to keep the relation going. Try to cut all links at once, means stop calling him in future, return him if you hold any valuables he has gifted you with thanks. Tell him that the time spend with him was a treasure for you, and you are not going to share it with anyone in future. It will save you from his fear full responses.

Be brave and take the step, there is no gain in lingering in a relationship when it becomes only a burden. Have confidence, and try to know the second guy better before destroying this relation, otherwise you will develop this habit of breaking the chords.
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I am having the same problem sorta...
I REALLY like my boyfriend, but we are going to different high schools next year and I think I really need to focus on my school work. He is such a cool guy and we have so much in common so I would love to still be friends, just like we were before... I'm in such a pickle...

Oh! I'm sorry back to YOUR problem!! Sorry.. Lol.

So I think that you should talk to him in person. Pull him away from everyone, make sure this is TOTALLY PRIVATE!! Tell him that you don't think that it is working out and that you have feelings for him but not the same feelings that he has for you. Tell him that you would love to be friends and tell him the last thing you want to do is hurt him. You want to be TOTALLY HONEST!! Don't lie, and be YOU.

I REALLY hope this works out for you guys, and I wish you the best of luck!!

;) ~Chlez
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You should always be honest with the person that you r with. You are only making harder on yourself, if you want to break up with him tell him how you really feel, instead of giving him false illusions that aren't really going to happen. HONESTY- painful but makes you a better person.
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It's not me it's you....wait that didn't come out right...just kidding! But you want to confront him face to face and tell him why you want to breakup. That and maybe soften the blow a little bit with something like "I just don't think you're the right guy for me" or something like that. Also tell him whether of not he wants to stay friends. Thats all it takes! Good luck!
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Well completely make sure thats what you want to do. Because you don't want to dump him to find out that you really like him still. The best way to break up would be to do it face to face, just you's to. Never finish it over a phone call or text face to face!
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Don't break up with him over msn or phone or anything like that because that is a low thing to do I would know I have had that happen to me and I was sooooo upset so take the high road but don't embarrass him I hope this helped a bit:)

peace from your personal advise giver
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Tell him the truth, is going to hurt him because you are breaking up. But At least you were honest, may be he will appreciate this later.
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Walk up to him, when he is alone and say, "I don't think we should see each other anymore. I'm sorry."  Then walk away.  That easy.
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Love  him so much  that are  my boyfriend for life   tell how to brake up with him please help me so what I love him  a lot so tell me what to do
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I have been go out with this boy for a week and I don't like him I like his friend.
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If you love your boyfriend a lot then don't take a chance to break his heart
if he really loves you than don't do you it
its what your heart says to you not your brain
and thats a long term relationship so
good luck kay
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Just tell him how it is; don't try to sugar things up. He will understand, but you want to make sure he will, so don't be too nice. Get it through his head-guys have hard skulls! ;p
but please, don't ask to still be friends after the work is done; thats like getting kidnapped and the kidnapper asking to still be friends; NO!
Hope I helped, good luck :) I'm in an unwanted relationship too, and its only been 2 weeks....
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Well,what you can do is tell him face-to-face if you are scared he might get mad or something then send one of your friends because when you do it face-to-face then you have to tell why you are breaking up but I prefer you go with what you think your confident of.
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Just say it as simply as you can.  Break it slowly.  You did not get to that point abruptly.  Something must have happened. Or did not happen.  However it is said, breaking up is always sad and devastating.  That being so, I would suggest you do it on the phone so that the boyfriend does not have drive home and do crazy stuff along the way, can cry without you seeing the tears. There is no need to be rude just because you are sending somebody away.  You loved him before and he made you happy for a while.
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I have the same problem

Just tell him you are very sorry but you do not have the same
feelings for him and that you still want to be friends but you don't
want to break his heart

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