My Boyfriend Asked Me To Send Him A Picture Of My Butt. He Is Really Turned On By It. Should I Do It?


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That happened to my friend too, and it was not good I would make sure you know he does not send it to anyone or show it to anyone. If you don't want them to see it.
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Yes you should if you really love him,,just don't show your face in the photo in case someone looks at it by mistake,
Do it in g-string,or,thongs,or nude,,,,but it's very very very important to pose laying upside down because your butt will look more pronounced and thick and delicious and delightful and tempting and so and so and so!!!
but yes please do!,,,he will love it from you 100%
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Doree Pace
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Thanks, Palomo, I did send my boyfriend a couple pictures of my butt. I hope he likes them. I haven't heard back from him. Do you think he will like them? I can always do more pictures. Thanks for the suggestion for the thong.
Mark Westbrook
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I'm not sure if this is good advice, I suppose it depends upon the age of DoreeAnne. In most countries, pictures and photos of underage girls are illegal, regardless the relationship. I think we need to be more careful with the type of advice we are giving on here.
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Absolutely send him some pictures! But have him send you pictures first if your worried. I had my boyfriend melting in my hand after I sent him pictures. Also You want him looking at your naked body not someone Else's
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Ok here's my opinion. My bf actually ASKED me if I would feel comfortable sending him a picture in shorts. And I was because I was going out with him for a while and I know he wont go off showing the world so I did. If your bf just said "send me a pix of your butt" or "hey can you send me a pix of your butt" should be careful. *also by sending stuff like that shows them you trust them to send a pix like tht of yourself.*
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As a coinsurer of delectable derrieres, I can attest to the fact that your boyfriend may very well experience great delight in gazing upon your most notable asset. However, before you share a permanent memento of his present fascination, you need to take precautions against the possibility that you might find your butt in the proverbial sling or the picture thereof in the possession of everyone that you know and perhaps several million people that you don't after your mutual attraction diminishes. I might suggest that you tell him that you have an extremely erotic depiction of his heart's desire and that you will most willingly share it with him as soon as you receive a similar portrayal of his genitalia shortly after he has exposed his manhood to a frigid environment.
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Do NOT listen to the ignorant people on here! This seems to be horrible place for advice. Respect yourself!

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No no no no no no no no no no no no!

It's wrong and yeah, you could end up in jail. I'm a girl too, and if anyone asked me that (and you might want to do this too) I'd slap 'em in the face!

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Hmm. That's kind of weird. I wouldn't do it. A girl in my school sent pictures to her boyfriend, and after they broke up, he sent them to everyone. It was a wreck!
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Don't do t unless you get ine of him first ive don't this before and I didnt end out prtty because one of his friends found out about it ans=d saw it ans spread the rumer accross the school and then teachers found out and it was a mess lolz so don't do it unless you are preparied for anything
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Nope. Your butt could be all over the school when and if you guys break up. Also, you can bet he'll be sharing them with his buddies.
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In most states that is considered sexting and you could be sent to jail if you are under aged. If your not under aged I still would not do that. By him asking you to do that , I feel, is not true love . . . .
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Why would he even ask you that ?
Sorry it's kinda stupid, good guys wouldn't ask that.
I don't think they would be so interested on the butt lol.
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Umm.. I don't think you should... I mean guys really like to show off to their friends... So if you don't want your pic on like 20 phones then don't send it..
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Don't do it is really worrying to hear of people asking that stuff he should like you 4 who you are not for your body good luck
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Don't do it its not the right thing to do be because if that gets around its over and hes going to get you in bad trouble!
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I don't see why not, if your trust him enough, then go ahead, if you don't trust him personally I wouldnt, I know its only your butt, but still what if he gets mad at shows people? Thats why you need to trust him (:
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If the boy loves you for you then he would not ask you to send something of your butt & if he loves you a lot then send it just make sure no 1 else sees it because it will b really weird if every 1 sees your butt
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No he wil show all hos mates thats what boys and men do they are pathetic plus does he think your loose or something ? Ask him to send you a pic of his butt
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NO!I sent the nude pic.....After I found he CHEAT me,  he used it to threat me to have sex with him! Never!!
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If you love him send it! But make sure you can trust him not to send it on!and if ye do break up  you could still b good friends and could him to delete them or not to send them on!
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...just remember that you ar a girl if your boyfriend really likes you he wouldnt hav asked you such a thing ,.he jst likes your body not you k....take ths seriously k....he can do anything with that k...
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Most certainly do not do it I now it may seem like wow you love him but really if he is asking you to send him pictures he thinks of you for nothing more then a piece of a$$! Trust me I know plenty of girls that are stupid enough to do it and hours later you WILL regret it and everyone WILL have seen it..

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