What Are Some Cute Pics To Draw For Your Boyfriend?


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Rory Copus answered
Leaving drawings lying around for your boyfriend to find is a really cute way of improving the relationship, without saying anything. It's the obvious thought behind the action, and him finding the picture, that makes the whole process worthwhile.

  • What kind of drawings will my boyfriend like?
It's all about what works between you and your boyfriend. Some guys like to be cutesy around their girlfriends, whereas others enjoy a really friendly relationship. So, for example, if he's the good friend/boyfriend type, then drawing him a picture of a pink unicorn may not have quite the effect you were looking for.

  • Some examples of what to draw for your boyfriend
For the cutesy type, lots of hearts and kisses will go down really well. It's the graphic representation of your relationship which will make him smile, whereas anything else might not stir the same emotions.

For the best friend relationship type, words in pictorial form are normally more appropriate. Simple phrases like "I love you" and "you make me so happy", but drawn in nice colors in cursive, flowing text, will be visually appealing, yet not "gushing" love, and will go down really well with him. Even "my boyfriend", surrounded by a couple colored stars and flowers will come across as really nice.

You have to be very certain of what kind of category your boyfriend falls into, so that you can draw the right kind of picture. The cutesy boyfriend will enjoy lots of color in drawings, with hearts and love and everything.

The best friend boyfriend is a lot more understated, because your relationship already has that unspoken understanding. So all the drawings need are a little subtlety, with a hint of love thrown in for the perfect drawing to be left out for him to find.
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Little stick people holding hands ? Hugging? Kissing? Saying romantic things to each other? I would stick with romantic looking stick people if you aren't a good drawer Like this...
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Aww. It depends on your age. 12-14 yrs, I saw draw little stick people holding hands under a rainbow or sumthing. 15-18, be elaborate, draw that, but not sticks. Make it super mushy
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You could draw you and your boyfriend friend sitting together.

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