My Boyfriend Told Me The Pictures I Had Sent Him Were Nice But He Wanted Them More Naughty And Revealing. Is This A Good Thing?


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My boyfriend asked me the same thing....but we are long distance and I havent seen him for a month and I wont see him for another month. I would rather that I keep his attention than some other woman. And to be fair it is fun! Also I find it sexually liberating.
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Send em some good ones... Hey at least he wants to look at your pictures. Lots of guys would just jump on the Internet and find some other revealing pictures of women. So it's up to you, you can have your boyfriend lusting over your picture or some other woman's picture..
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Men will always ask for more naughty and revealing.

Does he want to show them off to his mates? How can you be sure he doesn't? What do you think he's going to do while he's perusing any sexy photos you send? Please don't ask me to spell out what his options are...

It's up to you, but personally, I wouldn't want naughty pictures of me to be travelling over mobile phone lines or the Internet -- or even getting printed up at the local photo shop.

If he's a decent bloke worth having, he can fulfil his desires when he sees you in the flesh. And at least then, you can look in the eye whoever is looking back at your bare bottom.
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Don't do it! No no no! Even though you may be in love now, what happens if he shares your naked pictures with his friends. Don't think boys don't do that, because they do. Soon everyone in school will see your pictures. Then someone posts them on the internet and they go around the world. How exciting would that be?
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Do not do anything that you might later regret.  Here is a simple example; A group of young adults want to make a movie film. During the shooting of the picture in the Sean this guy is beating up on a lady. Years later he is going thought a divorce. His wife says he liked to beat up on ladies and uses part of the film as evidence. He can say anything to the judge but has the proof of him hitting a lady on film.
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It depends on how long you've dated and what type of person he is. If you feel like all he wants is to get in your pants I wouldnt advise you to that would be a bad thing. Really though if you guys truly love each other and respect each other than it's a good thing.
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Here's what you do. First, think about how long you've been in the relationship. Is it worth it? If you've been together a while and your feeling like he means a lot to you and you mean a lot to him and you feel comfortable, go for it. It's not a bad thing if it's just between you and him... Make sure he's a guy you are planning to be with for a long time!! Don't just give out pics of your body to guys who will leave you after they see it and send it to 20 other guys who will want to use you too.. :(  I'm really sorry you feel pressured, but if you do that usually means your not ready. If he is a 'jerk' and you feel like he would leave you after this or use you in person, don't DO IT.
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Oh my god my bf asked me the same thing but I refused lol cause like we see each other anyway I see no point of a pic
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Don't go too naughty. Leave a little something to the imagination...I forgot men have no imagination. You have to do what you are comfortable with, don't go further with the pictures than you want to...
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It's actually a bad thing. It depends how old you are. If your 13-19 I wouldn't send any. If 20 or above, ok. Because by naughty and revealing, he means you in your bra and underwear, you in a bikini, and you NAKED. Or just other sexy pictures of you. If I were you, BE CAREFUL
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If your comfortable doing it, then thats fine. But if I was you I wouldn't, what if you had a bad brake up. He might let the pictures leak. But do what you think is right.
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Well don't do what your not comfortable with for anyone. If you really want to then thats between you & him & nobody else.
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No,No,NO! If he really cared for you, he wouldn't ask such a thing. The fact that you are asking.....means you know it's wrong.
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It depends. Are you and your boyfriend really serious? If you guys broke up or got in a fight he could forward those pics to anyone he wants too. Do you really want the whole world of you seeing that? Its up to you! If my boyfriend asked me to do that I wouldnt. I would rather him see me in person than on a pic
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There's always the risk of him forwarding/sending/showing it to someone else, the whole school, or a whole group of people. If it was me, I wouldn't do it, and I know it's hard to think under pressure and you're afraid he'll leave you.

I'd only do what makes me feel comfortable. Love isn't complicated, people are. :) Communication, love, trust, and honesty keep a relationship goin', not sex, dicks, balls, and boobs, honey. Hahaha, just so it's clear. C(;

But do what you want, this is just a fore-warning or whatnot.
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Well it is not a good or a bad thing. Firstly it is up to you if you want to send him more naughty pictures. If you do then you can restrict what you send him, to what you want to reveal. You have got to remember, what ever you send him, would you be happy for others to see? because if the relationship ends, he may show the photographs to his mates or around to your friends. It is completely up to you, and if you feel happy with this and feel no pressure, then go for it.
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I think you shouldn't send as some of the answerers said he may misuse them! And it has never been so safe to send these kind of pics on the net! You don't know what he may do, show off them or photo shop them anything can be done because as far as he is concerned you don't know what will he do with those pictures! So I would advise you to not send them because if he really liked or loved you he might be happy with what you've sent and not asked for these, but unfortunately he's just having some fun with you!

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Don't send anything that you wouldn't want your grandma seeing. I mean you could put on a bathing suit or something but just don't do anything that you would later regret.
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Don't send anything you wouldn't want to end up on the internet. Not necessarily that he'd do it, but he might, and boys have dumb friends, and you never know. Tell him if he wants to see it, he better come over.
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You can do it if you want but listen to your conscience it will help you with your decision
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Why give him a naughty and revealing pictures if you see your boyfriend. And you don't want to sent them because someone else can see them and they can also blackmail you. So yea

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