My Boyfriend Had A Search On Computer For Young Teen Pics, Does This Mean He Is A Pervert, He Is 35?


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This is a tough one. Love him or not you must decide whether you want to be with a man who needs pornography in his life. If not, confront him with it. Porn can become a dangerous and relationship killing addiction (I know from personal experience) and you should address this issue sooner rather than later because if it does turn out he has a 'thing' for younger girls this could prove problematic if you ever have kids with him.
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I think it's great that you're open minded and strong enough not only to question your initial reaction, as oppose to immediately confronting him, but also that you are accepting of his potential other habits. Personally I think watching porn in a relationship is wrong, but 'Young Teen Porn' is one stage further. It could be worse could have been a search for even younger porn. Perhaps his pornographic tastes temporarily flipped to youth because he wants to feel young again? It could have been a momentary urge, rather than an extensive search or yearning desire. I think that you should mention it to him though, make it clear to him that you're not trying to start a row but merely want to know what it's about; honesty and openness is vital in a relationship. I don't think you should keep it inward, or it will eat at you and become paranoia. Better out than in, and I wish you luck.
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Wow, I'm sorry to hear your in such a situation. I wouldn't necessarily say he's a pervert, I would say he's probably just anxious. You might be over reacting it could be for something related to work. Is it one of the things that were recently clicked on or was it awhile back? Just browse around make sure he doesn't see you because if he did he'd think you were being really noisy. Try what I suggested, tell me how it works out.
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You are in a bad situation aren't you! It does seem a bit strange for a man that age to be looking at things like that, is it related to his work in any way? Maybe at some stage you could check the sites out and see if there is anything strange about them. It is up to you to make the decision, do you love him and trust him enough?
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Wow. Um maybe you should do research on sexual predators and see if he has the signs don't under or over estimate the situation at all because this could be serious

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