My boyfriend who I've met and been with for a week has been caught commenting on a very revealing girl's profile pic on FB. He's shown actions of trying to make me jealous earlier in the week. Should I be jealous or is this betrayal?


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Lia Tan answered

First off, you should probably try to find more information. Try to find out the real situation before you make any judgments. It does sound fishy that he is doing this so you should double check with your boyfriend. You don't want to make false assumption.

Second of all, he's only been your boyfriend for a week. Don't get too worked up over this just yet. It's true that this could possibly be a serious problem, but don't rush into it. A week isn't long enough to truly judge his character unless it is blatantly obvious. But in this case, it isn't too obvious so I'll wait a little and do some research on him or get explanations.

Anyway, best of luck to you.

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