I'm confused and need help I've been seeing this guy for a week after talking for quite sometime and he got jealous of a male friend and called me his gf to him but today I log on Facebook and he likes some photo about being single. Uhhh?


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Barb Cala Profile
Barb Cala answered

I just don't understand how everyone spends more time on FB than actually getting to know people face to face.  No wonder everyone is always confused and upset.

Kayle Smyth Profile
Kayle Smyth answered

A lot of the time people like posts just to give recognition to the poster. My friend's two siblings got into an accident and people like the post just to acknowledge it. If this guy is getting defensive over you I'd say he likes you, but talk to him and tell him you need to know what all this relationship initials.

Rath Keale Profile
Rath Keale answered

This is heading towards a big mess.  Leave it all alone.  Date more mature people later on when you have had time to be reflective.

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