I've been talking to this guy for about a week, and he's sent me good morning and good night texts basically everyday since we've been talking.... Does this mean anything or is he just being nice?


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I would think that a guy who send you good morning and good night texts likes you rather a lot :-)

He does sound like a nice guy, but from my experience, guys who think of you first thing in a morning and last thing at night are not just being 'nice'.

I think it might be time to drop a little hint, tell him you've been thinking of him and see what he says. Or tell him there's a movie you really want to see, and maybe he will offer to take you.

When you say you have been 'talking to him' does this mean you know him in person or did you meet him online? If online please do be careful.

If you do meet him take a friend with you and ask him to bring one too, just meet somewhere very public and make sure he is who he says he is and more importantly, is the age he claims to be.

I'm sure he is lovely but online guys can be a problem, especially as older men tend to try to get younger girls to meet them. Just be careful and I'm sure it will be fine.

Take the next step, find out if he has feelings or you, my guess is that he does - good luck!

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