My fiancé and I planned to get married in 3 months. 1 week ago he told me that I have to quit smoking or he won't marry me. I have been a smoker since we met, 5 yrs ago. I tried to quit last week and failed miserably. What should I do??


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You should try some other methods to quit smoking as you know how bad it is for your health but that seems like a flimsy excuse not to marry you. Or maybe he wants to give you a spark to quit. Talk to your Doctor as there are many ways to quit. But first, you have to Want to quit! Once you have it in your mind that you want to quit, it'll be a lot easier! It worked for me many years ago and it can for you!

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You do need help in quitting, however your groom to be should not have given you an ultimatum. It is very difficult to quit and it takes time. He should be helping you, not demanding. I hope you succeed in quitting.....

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I have always wanted to quit and I've tried, I just don't feel trying to quit before my wedding is setting me up for success. I made a rule not to ever smoke when I'm with him, and significantly decreased how much I smoke, i told him after the wedding I will quit and I will. He is still sticking to his ultimatum.
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I quit 20 years ago and it was hard. It took me five tries before i was successful. It is not an easy thing to do. The stress of your wedding and him putting more on you just isn't fair, but most non smokers don't know what it's like to try and quit. I'm sorry he is still giving you the ultimatum :( I really hope it all works out for you (:
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Use me as example all my mothers side of the family including her died from smoking related cancers ..Her (dad, brother, aunt) so really think things over cause your health's very important.

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