i kind of have a crush on this boy a fewweeks ago and he have been giving me signals i don't quite get it. how do i know a boy likes me?


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1) You catch him looking at you.
2) You gain eye contact a lot
3) when you see him looking at you, he might look away real fast (Got caught out) makes the guy nervous/scared.
4) He tries to touch you, arm, etc... Either when he walks past you on corridors he might bump you, or knock you
5) He always want's to help you!
6) If he's called just say 'Ryan' and someone else is called 'Ryan' and there near each other call their name and see if your crush looks straight at you, but go to the other one ;)
7) He'll give up time for you...
8) He'll try get your attention, like be funny when your around
9) He'll try walk with you
10) Looks / gets jealous when your around other guys, sometimes he can become irritated or stressed and might say something to the boys
11) He's fidgety when your around
12) Boys are unaware, but if you look at his feet, and one is pointing in your direction, he likes you
13) Instant behavior change, when he's with his friends around you
14) He will sound happy around you
15) He could touch, and poke you, playfully kick you ;)
16) He will tease you, or make fun out of you jokingly
17) RED! ALERT! Haha, When you talk to him he might turn red or BLUSH :3
18) He will ask for your number? If he already has it, he will text/call everyday!
19~) He might try hang out with you and your friends
20) He could get to know your bestfriend more, so he can be closer to you! :p
21)He will laugh at your jokes... No matter how rubbish!! :D
22) If you are alone with him, He'll be really quiet or really talkative
23) Acts like he doesn't know you when he's with his friends
24) He might want to be your partner for class projects, in almost everything :)
25) He smiles everytime you look at him!
26) He tries to impress you!
27) If her flirst with girls around you/ or even your friends/best friend... He might be trying to make you Jealous!!
28) Constant staring
29) If he shares personal things with you!
30) Might tickle you...: Because he loves seeing you smile, laugh, CUTE! :')
31) He say's your name a lot? & You might wanna count how many times he says it;p
32) Call his name and if his head automatically snaps to look at you, he likes you!!
Ermm... 33) He can be immature if your in the room?
34) Leans towards you in aconverstaion
35) protective? Over you!
36) Acts nervous around you?
37) He might sit by you if you can choose a seat
38) walks really close to yuou
A COMMON ONE: His pupils may dilate when your speaking, like widen up... Just don't stare at his eyes for a long time, cause you will look weird lol! But try aquickly notice?

40) Pays alot of attention to you? Asks lot's of questions?

Hope this helped!

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