I am having problems with a boy I like. He liked me, then my friend made him like her. I don't know what to do. Help?


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Cookie Roma Profile
Cookie Roma answered

The first thing is, no one MAKES anyone like them. 

Pepper pot Profile
Pepper pot answered

There's nothing you can do, all you can ever be is yourself, then people will like you for who you are, just continue to be you. As soon as you get in to acting in a way that is not true to you in order to manipulate someone into liking you,  you are portraying a character that isn't you, that is dishonest and hard work to maintain. This will not be the only boy that ever likes you.

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Danae Hitch answered

There is nothing you can do or say to "make" someone like you better than someone else. Be the bigger person and say hi anyway and make everyone that you come in contact with feel special. There is enough hate and jealousy and envy in the world. Don't contribute to it. Triumph over the petty things and just be yourself.

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