The boy I liked doesn't want to talk with me after I told him I liked him. But he said we could be friends... what do I do? i don't know what to do now. i really just wanna be friends and get to know more things about him! T-T?


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firstly gurl this does not necessarily mean he doesn't like you , some guys are more careful or shy towards girls and sometimes its hard for a guy to respond when a girl tells them they like them. Sometimes people automatically friendzone or put in the no date list and theres many boundaries and sometimes they just say to be friends , this doesn't mean you are for sure in the friendzone , but he probably doesn't really know you . Guys don't just go for someone with good looks or body , this causes them to maybe look but it doesn't make the guy like you , they will probably try talking to the girl in order to know her better , and in this case if you guys knew each other better , the fact that he maybe doesn't like you now can change one thing to know is that relationships come from friendships and becoming friends with him can really get you guys to know each other better and maybe you will find out he likes you too :D

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This boy seems to still need to sort his feelings out. He doesn't seem to know exactly what he wants and is therefore avoiding you. That's why for now, just give him time. Don't rush him to be friends with you. It could also be because he might think that it's awkward.

To be able to show that you are fine and that you aren't feeling awkward with him, then just simply don't care. Don't fuss with him and don't always go after him. Treat him like just some guy that you just happen to know. That way he'll know that you don't see this as something awkward and it'll also help you relieve some stress over worrying about this.

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