What makes you attractive?


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Lianna Lins answered
My gnarly feet and my odd jokes.
...Well, okay, that was said to me by a rather strange friend of mine with an irrepressible fetish for feet. =O
Based on other less questionable sources, my eyes, my height, my singing voice and my funny personality would be what makes me attractive =D lol, but yeah it depends on the person who thinks i'm attractive =)
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Ray Ottewell
Ray Ottewell commented
As long as you can sing those old Irish songs I will give you a helpful, ok I will give you the benifit of the doubt
Lianna Lins
Lianna Lins commented
Haha, yes I can sing a few of those, so that helpful was not wasted! Thanks ;)
Maxine Chan
Maxine Chan commented
Haha wow you are funny:)
Addilynn Addilynn Profile
My heart?
Bailey Zuniga Profile
Bailey Zuniga answered
My looks and my personality
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Momina Amjad answered
The Natural you makes u attractive. Because its u and no one else. U are original and cannot be replaced. Everyone makes a difference.
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nivedha sekar answered
Red color roses so attractive me..

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