What Do You Find Attractive In A Guy?


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Call me... Alma Profile
Call me... Alma answered
His eyes! Then his smile! Umm his muscles... Lol but looks aren't everything, he has 2 be caring and nice, and brave :)
Meredith Salois Profile
Meredith Salois answered
I like someone smart, sweet, and is just fun and easy to talk to. Lots of guys i dated thought of themselves as nerds, i guess, but i thought they were sexy and awesome that why i dated them.
greg gowen Profile
greg gowen answered
Hopefully his sister!
Jewelly A. Shetka Profile
Someone who is nice and easy in manner.
Not in a hurry to jump in bed.  Most guys,
they take you out and that's what they
expect back.  I don't work that way.
I like a gentleman, one who has self-
respect and knows his own worth, but
doesn't trot it out for all to see.  He lets
people find that out on their own.
A guy who doesn't flip out when I take
him out to dinner, but is polite enough
to open a door for me.  A guy who
dresses well, bu isn't afraid to get dirty.
Have a nice bit of landscaping is lovely
to look at, but I don't demand it.  I'm not
the best looking female in the world
(I've never been) and I know it.  A guy who
takes me as I am and doesn't have the idea
that he's going to make me into his idea of
a partner.  A gentleman.
andrea violet Profile
andrea violet answered
What I find attractive in a guy is his nice sense of humor but not out of controll humor!
Buying me flowers, his cute face! But NOT a cheater liar or player!!
  xOxO: HotTiE130
Megan goodgirl Profile
Megan goodgirl answered

The color of his hair his smile and personality.

Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered

Eyes are so attractive. If a guy's eyes are really beautiful. Getting close enough that I can just look into them while we are talking, that's so attractive.

When guys have little things they're really passionate about that they could just talk about for hours. Like if a guy likes drumming or snowboarding. Just something they want to fit into their future and career. I know all guys have that one thing, so just open up to a girl about it.

When guys smile! Having a guy smile at you is a really great feeling.

When guys can keep a conversation

When they text first!

When they're really sweet. Nice guys finish first. Trust me.

This one's kinda weird: I love it when guys wear tie dye shirts. It's weird but I just love it on guys.

When guys tickle you/ cuddle you

Karen Profile
Karen answered
I like tall men so that is b/w 6.1 and 6.3 I prefer one that smiles alot and is just nice... Something that is NOT gonna wear down over the years!! He definitely will NOT smoke or guzzle booze..
smiley =) Profile
smiley =) answered
Sense of humour, kind, caring and someone who will listen. I like blonde guys with tanned skin... And dark guys aswell LOL! But there is nothing more attractive then a guy who smells gooddd! Lol :P
Julia Profile
Julia answered
Physically, broad shoulders and a tight behind. Oh and don't forget being a great kisser helps. As a partner, someone who can fight without being petty. Someone who has opinions and isn't afraid to voice them and can agree to disagree when my opinions don't match his. However, nothing can beat the sexiness of a guy who still remembers how to clean the kitchen and take out the trash :D
Monica Smith Profile
Monica Smith answered
Well I really don't dwell on the looks too much....if a person is looking for love you need to look at other things besides looks...looks is what you should base your lust on! I prefer a man who is smart and well educated...someone who seems like they have a strong head on their shoulders and knows where they are headed in life. I want him to have a great personality and think open minded about different topics. I would want him to have a little bit of a humor and love to laugh. Most importantly I want a guy who wants to be with me for me...and the only thing I would expect from him is to be faithful to the relationship and give me the respect I deserve. =)
Mary Ann Cassidy Profile
I like a guy who wants a partner, not a  subordinate. I like guys who are nice looking, a little on the rough side, looks that is. I like them to be smart and caring. I like a good sense of humor.

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