Guys and girls, what makes a guy or girl attractive to you ?(:


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Physically, his masculinity. This doesnt mean that he has to be ripped, but for me, if he seems confident as a man, thats really, really, attractive.
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I have to say that a guy should try to be kind, honest, and faithful. That's the main thing for me because you wouldn't want a guy who's a jerk and who cheats on you. But what I like in a guy is if they're funny but can be serious when it's needed, cute, and have at least some common sense. I can really get into detail but I think you get the point.
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Well a guy has to be attractive since this is what gets you to notice a guy, plus you need to have some sort of physical attraction, but once I get to know a guy I love it if they're funny, nice (and no that doesn't mean giving me presents) commitment is a big issue, and if they don't just like you for your body!
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I love eyes, smile, personality, and etc. But, I got for personality first.
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A guy makes him attractive to me by his sexy smile, his muscles, his tans if he has one, if not than he has to be handsome, a sense of humor is a must, and of course a tall man.
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She needs to be fun, but down to earth. Opinionated, but willing to listen. Caring and kind. Tender and stern when applicable. Most importantly: Honest and easy to be around.
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In my opinion, what makes a guy attractive is well his personality, the way he treats people in general , being romantic , also having a great body but not being stuck up about it, nice , genorous, and finally caring about others.
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I like guys who give a shit for who I am and not who I pretend to be. I like personaltiy and SPUNK. Someone who cares and wont cheat on you. Someone who loves you to death and would do anything for you. Where I live, there are no cute guys. PLEASE, SOMEONE SAVE ME!
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What matters to me most is a good guy. Even though the "bad" boy can be attractive, in the long run who do you think is going stay by your side and be loyal? A good guy that is somewhat attractive but most importantly has a great personality, caring, family orientated, serious but not too serious where he can't take a joke. Also if he is mysterious in a way, that is very attractive!
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I like guys who are intelligent and have a good sense of humor. Looks wise, it doesn't really matter what hair color or eye color or anything like that. They don't have to be super athletic either. As long as they are healthy that's great. I also like honesty and respect.

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(for a boy) good singer, jeydon wale/justin bieber hair, dresses nice, funny, sweet, caring, likes me as much as I like him!, outgoing, good personality, and ABS!
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For me, a girl has to be feminine, I like that the most along with a caring personality.
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Well I'm into a girl that has a really good mature attitude but can have fun =D and must have a great personality
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I'm mature and have a great personality ((: Hahaha jkay (well I do but I'm jkay about hitting on you) lol
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Cairing,mind,fun,funny,MUST be taller than me,honest  but not afraid to tell the way he feels about things and acts like a man.....
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Looking like justinbieber i.e someone who is realy cute, someone who can sing,someone with style and someone who has awesome hair :D

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