What Do Guys/boys First Notice About A Girl What Makes Them Fall For A Girl?


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Not a tough question since being a guy it would be easier for me to answer... Though I don't know will you agree or not... See, at first it depends on how different guys think, it completely differs from man to man, for me it is something that she'll feel for me, and make me understand that yes I do care for you... It has to be natural and not created, or artificial, its the way a girl looks, passes on a smile, or behaves when the guy is around... How yo look at him, weather you are feel shy in his presence or not... Weather you are comfortable in his presence around, how much concern you show to him, and the only thing that act as a spark is the smile... It's the opening chapter to any love story.... The next role is played by your eyes, weather you are looking at him or not... It's a beautiful scene when both eyes collide with each other... If you want to make some one feel special or rather make him feel that you like him... Do these things... And he'll get to know what you mean... Take care..
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Baby girl they can't help but notice us, females are the next best thing to GODLY,give yourself a hand,we are sweet,neat,cute,we help make the world go around,now all girls or females get these props as there is a exception to every rule and there are some, nasty,smelly,mean females that do not fit in the first box but for the most part we are Gods gift to man.....good luck Who would not like us......Hugs
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Plse do be clean,smell good etc..not overly made up to hide your natural beauty.........
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I hate to say it...but a girls looks...nice face, hair, smile, body
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What they first notice and what makes them fall in love with them are usually two different things. I have seen guys fall all over themselves to meet a pretty girl, but then when they finally talk to them, they find out they are not the type of person they are looking for.

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It's hard to say. Every guy has different tastes. The best bet would to be clean, neat and charming. A smile goes a long way
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First they have to look nice to them. I think that helps the love when they think your beautiful.and also letting them know that you would do things for them. Me being a guy for this to work it can't be sexual things but the little things, thats what makes me fall head over heels. And also flirting and letting them know that you think there cute. And maybe showing some cleavage when around them and things like that. And be careful with things like that you might give him the wrong impression. I'm fourteen and in love. I think it was mainly the particular girl that did it. But those things helped it and ive been with her for over a year now and its great.

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