Will You Continue To Love Someone Even If That Person Has No Feelings For You?


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Feelings are feelings and for some it is much more difficult to turn them off as it is for others. You may miss what you think you had however with time you will start to see that what was, was most likely not what you thought! Funny how retrospectively things that while in the midst of the turmoil usually turn out to be "What me worry!".
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I agree with count with this one. Don't worry ....he may not be the "one" sweets...men are very strange as we are to them. Keep ur head up and things will start to be looking up your way!! Trust an older gal like myself it just does not make sense sometimes. -D-
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Love is about  learning how to handle every kind of love. What you have is a fantasy love and that is all it is. I love Angelina Jolei but she could care less about me. I can accept that! Life is full of beautiful people and to waste your time on one that doesn't even care about you is wasted time. Get real with yourself Girl and move on to find that one guy that is going to sweep you off your feet and make you forget about ''what's his name' You get it?
Now you go Girl!
Find that prince you deserve!
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Am sure its not right at all cause you cant just move on like that as I know love is all about sacrifice,then how can someone sacrifice if he doesn't love you.all in all you will never enjoy all  what we say love is about.
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I am very much in love for someone that I don't think cares to much for me. It sucks cause he was at one time very much in love with me. But apparently he likes to be miserable and lonely and by himself...that's what he says anyway. He says no one cares for him or loves him when in fact me and my kids love him very much. He has major mood swings so maybe he does love me but doesn't show it. I thought we'd be together forever. It seems like we still are cause I won't even try to be with anyone else although me and my husband have been apart for a year, we haven't divorced yet. I just cant get over him and I don't know why. We were good together, except for the mental and physical abuse (i love him to death, but know that that's not good for me!) I just wish we could be how we were in the beginning,,,he was the nicest,most caring man I ever met then as soon as he got me hooked he turned into someone so totally different, yet I can't get over him.

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Yes i have been there plenty of time trust me it will take time and lots of work but you will get over them even though it hurts right now
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If the person that I am in love with, and I see that they don't love me in the same way. I couldn't continue to be with that person.

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