LET's Talk About LOVE.. You Happen To Meet Someone Whom Made You Feel Sooo Much Loved Like No Other.. You Fell But Then You Sooner Discovered That The Guy Did Commit Suicide Before... Would You Go On?


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Awwwwwwww th tz very sad. Maybe you need to make him feel the way he made you feel. He might be depressed about something tht doesn't involve you nd he is trying to do what he thinks is best for him nd every one else around him! I think you should talk to him about it. Put your all into what ever comes to your mind. This might be the craziest thing I have ever heard.....good luck you two!
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You need to be very clear about one thing - you do not cause another person to commit suicide.  Suicide is an event caused by the inability of one person to deal with the various problems that occur in life.  It is a personal failing of the person who commits suicide.  Even if you begin dating this guy and break up,  and he does commit suicide, it would not be your fault.  Millions of people have a break up and do not commit suicide, they deal with the pain and continue their life.  If "your guy" should be unable to do that, his suicide could not be blamed on you.  Nomad 1 is absolutely correct when he says that someone who is so unstable that he would attempt suicide should receive special counseling from a trained professional.  If "your guy" has not, then his underlying problem (his inability to cope) is still present.  Anytime you become involved with a person who has a mental issue, you must go into the relationship with open eyes.  Love is great, love is supportive, love is a coping mechanism (in some circumstances) but love is not a cure-all.  Love can not cure mental illness and suicide is a form of mental illness in my opinion.  Speaking from experience, someone with mental issues can drag you down with them if they refuse to accept the fact that they have a problem and to deal with it by seeking professional help.  A good clear understanding of exactly what steps he has taken to overcome his problems should be discussed before you make too big a commitment in this relationship for your own sake.
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THank you Nanat.. =) i think i am still considering that people change.. I know some who did commit suicide without getting professional help.. They all seem okay.. BUT YEAH FOR NOW.. I dont know in the long run though.. Thank you again..
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You say he committed suicide before, you must in that case be dating a ghost.
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Okey so obviously he is still alive.. So am sorry if its too hard for you to understand that a person can still be alive even tho he tried committing one.. Am sorry if i fail to make you understand it with my question..
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You didn't say that in your question, you said he had committed suicide. If you don't give the correct facts we can't answer your question Sorry.
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And I think you just wasted a chance at giving an answer now that she had explained it, in order for you to give her an excuse
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If the person "commited suicide" they would not be here for you to fall in love with unless your talking about in  a movie scenario.I think you mean they "attempted suicide" .now that would depend a whole lot on whether they have recieved help between the time you met them or not and if it really worked.otherwise you are asking for trouble dating someone who is unstable enough to try and kill themself.just my opinion. There is no way to tell when they will relapse/go off the deep end again and maybe try and take you with them.just telling you the truth as I see it.now this also depends on what set them off/caused them to attempt suicide in the first place. Ptsd,mentally unstable,lifes hard knocks so on and so on. I had a sunday school teacher who tried to take his life with a shotgun-he "attempted suicide" but recieved help and found suicide is a quick fix to a temporary problem. Now he teaches and holds down a job and has a great life.just pointing out it depends on where this guys/persons head is at .do they now understand suicide is not the right way out of a temporary problem of life.or are they likely to try again the next time something in life doesn't work out the way they think it should.as the old saying goes you can't tell what's inside a book by it's cover.you can't judge by looking at a person if they are really stable after attempting suicide.so I would say if this is a real situation that you take your time and actually find out from them(actually talk to them about what they did after the fact) if they have sought help/treatment to deal with what caused them to attempt to take their life in the first place.are they really really aware of what they tried to do to themself in order to handle life when a bump(something bad happens) in the road hits them again.just being honest here.they may not be willing to actually talk about it or deal with it.so a dating relationship may be way out of the question for them.in other words they are not far enough along in their treatment/counseling to be capable of taking on that mental/life challenge right now.blah blah blah this is were communication between you 2 has to happen unless your just looking(window shopping/playing a game) and are not serious enough to even really engage in a meaningful conversation about his and your life together.in other words if your not serious about him don't play games with him/lead him on. In other words grow up before putting him through a possible break up/ a relationship you don't intend on going through with if it does not work out. I would say he really does not need that from you or anyone else in his life.again all this is just my opinion. You can take it or leave it. I guess you should be willing to actually have a real realtionship before you even start this one,thinking of all the possible effects on the both of you.blah blah blah .later.
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Thank you for the answer.. =) highly appreciate it.. And i am the kind of girl who doesn't go into a relationship if i am not serious.. He is actually my first.. Lol i have fallen before i knew everything.. He seem changed though.. But you are right.. Will take time to know him more and help him out..
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Well if he tried to commit suicide before he met you, he must have obviously felt depressed, unloved and that there was something missing in his life. If it really is love, he will be happy that he has found you and won't feel like that because he feels loved. (yeah I can't really explain it properly.) but yeah, my point is that now he's found someone he loves and loves him, he won't want to commit suicide. Also, in my opinion, love is caring a great deal for someone and supporting them through the good and bad things that happen in their life. So if he were to feel depressed  and think of suicide, you should help him through it and support him and stuff. Lol

I tried, hope my answer helped...a bit at least...good luck!!! =P xxx
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Thank you for your answer... =) GOD knows i sincerely love him.. My problem is the future.. What if i fall out?? Am worried he would kill himself.. I wouldn't wanna be with him for the wrong reasons.. He always tell me to never let go.. Coz i brought happiness again to his life.. I feel happy for that but scared too.. Sigh* i dont know too.. Lol but THANK you soo much for answering.. =)
emma loveees youuu xo
Ur welcome xxx
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Are you saying you don't want to love a guy because he might commit suicide? Is he suffering from depression or something? I'd watch out if he's emotionally unstable. They're dangerous ppl.....

And me? No if I thought the girl was off her rocker I'd kick her to the curb.
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No.. I love a guy.. Who just confess he tried killing herself before.. I know it does sound disturbing.. Knowing he could kill his own life.. =( but i dont know.. I love him now.. Sigh* its a hard sh*t am in!!
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Think about it this way: He was depressed because his life had no meaning/ he felt it had no meaning, all people seek happinness in this world and we consider the happiest people we know as being the people who would never hurt others or themselves. In order not to kill others or yourself you need to love something that way your life has meaning. So if you understood what I just said then friend me and tell me how it went if you don't friend me and ask me to help explain it to you
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Hey thanks for the answer.. And yes i did sent a friend request.. =) the thing i am worried for now is the future.. I mean no one holds what will happen next.. For now i know i love him.. And see no problem being with him for the rest of my life.. But that is me NOW.. What if i fall out of love??? I am sooo worried he would do it again.. =(((
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Depression is a very serious condition.I can understand why he tried to kill himself.
What he needs now is your understanding and full support.Believe me he'll know if you're not totally behind him.
I wish you the very best of luck.You stick by him

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