Is committing suicide a good way to prove you love someone? I did something to hurt him and I want to prove to him how much he means to me. What should I do?


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Killing yourself is not the right way to show love or remorse. In fact, it's a terrible thing to do and, if it's something you're seriously considering - then I'd suggest you take some time to calm down, think about the situation and make a rational decision.

If you've done something to hurt the guy you like, the only way you can win him over and prove that your feelings are strong and genuine is by putting in the hard work.

Relationships take effort, real relationships aren't like the ones you see in movies - there are really great times, and really bad times.

And loving someone and being committed to them means enjoying the happy moments, but also sticking it out when the going gets tough.

No matter how desperate or depressing your situation my seem, suicide does not solve problems - it creates much more serious ones.

I'd say that if you hurt the guy you love, you have a responsibility to stay around and work as hard as you can to earn his forgiveness.

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