Need Help I have a boyfriend and we have been together for almost 4 years and we're literally in love but for a sudden he thinks i don't love him like before , how do I prove to him that I do really love him and he is totally wrong?


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Are you opening up to him? Ask him why he thinks that, and communicate with him about it, even if it seems cheesy.

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Blah Blaaah
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I Did actually he says that it is because of small things that accumulated and showed that I love him less like not holding his hands first talking in a bad attitude while arguing..
i did not mean to do that this wasn’t on purpose i really do love him more than any thing
And he fully believes that i’m not into him like before and these stuff and I dont know how to prove to him that he is totally wrong!
We’re really crazy in love ! So I wont let this end just because he thinks that i stopped loving him .. I dont know what to do
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If you've been in the relationship 4 years ... Why aren't you married?

To answer your question, though ... If you have tried talking to him, you don't "prove" anything if he still doubts you.  Try going to counseling, as a couple.

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If 4 yrs of a relationship isn't enuf to prove yor love, then nothing ever will b.

My advise? Cut him loose and move on with your life. That in itself may b enuf to change him, but don't go back unless he HAS changed.

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no ofcourse he know that i'm madly in love with him , we both do, but because of stupid things i did that wasn't on purpose made him see that I changed and dont love him that much like I used before
Joyce Hall
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Listen to yourself! Your original question said ' he thinks I don't love him like before', then your comment says 'he know I m madly in love with him'
That doesn't make sense.
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Relationships have an "Eb and Flow as you Grow" . . . Meaning "While the Feelings Remain the Passion doth yet Wane" . . . Oops, rhymed again.

All I'm saying is that physical contact tends to be more frequent and intense when you first start up because it is fresh and new. There is a certain "Discovery" period for new couples and everything still seems fresh and romantic . . . But as time goes by (4 years is actually quite long), you tend to get in a pattern . . . Less passionate kissing, and holding of hands. This is PART of what people talk about when they say a relationship takes work.

Try something NEW together . . . Do a hike . . . Try a ethnic restaurant you wouldn't normally try . . . Sign up and take a gun class, or pottery making class . . . When you discover something NEW together, you can achieve a tangent to the normal ruts you may find yourself in.

This is a life lesson worthy of the word "Wisdom" . . . Embrace it or run from it . . . That is part of the lesson. 

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You should have been a counsellor! ☺
Darik Majoren
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I would like to say that "Wisdom" isn't wasted on this fella, but I am sure I've let more then a few good lessons fall through the cracks along the way.

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