So there's this guy. I've been madly in love with him for years. I lost count. We don't talk as much as we used to, but I need to tell him about how I REALLY FEEL about him. It's killing me. How do I make it less awkward and not look like a fool?


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First of all .. By taking the notion that you 'have to' tell him the full extent of your infatuation with him .. And throw it out the door.

THAT would freak anyone out..and the damage of doing that may be irrepairable.  If you are attracted to him, then befriend him .. And get to know who he REALLY is .. Not just who you 'think' he is...and let him get to know you.  If he returns your interest, then and only then have you got something to work with.  Until then .. Keep your cool, and don't be so anxious to break what you haven't even begun to build.

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Don't tell him whatever you do.  You've known him for years so don't you think if he were interested he would have already made that clear to you.

Stay friends with him, maybe try to interact with him a bit more but if he still stays at arm's length then you have to accept that he just sees you as a friend.

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Billy Hayes answered

Now is as good a time as any. If you get close again that will just make it more awkward. Besides if you wait, someone else could claim him. Try to hang out in person, not just talking using technology. Watch his body language. Worse case scenario he doesn't feel the same. Then you get to move on to someone new who might share your feelings.

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