I have been seeing a guy for 4 months now. I am not looking for any titles as I enjoy spending time with him. We have both had bad relationships in the past I feel that he thinks I do want to rush it. How do I express this to him?


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Danae Hitch answered

John, I just wanted to talk about our friendship. Got a minute? Well, since we've both had relationships that have ended badly, what I'm looking for right now is for us to be friends. I'm okay with us going slow and just doing the dating thing. Does this sound like what you're looking for? [if he says no, ask him for clarification].

It's not hard. Just sit down and talk this through. Share what you're feeling and encourage him to do the same.

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When you get an opportunity to talk about where your relationship is 'going' .. Then simply ask .."What do you think?" .. If you don't get that 'opportunity' as couples often do, then .. Bring it up by asking him "Are you ok with how things are going?".

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