I lost my virginity to a guy that i met a little over a month ago. But now that i had sex with him i feel like he won't have the same respect towards me anymore or he'll look at me like an "easy girl". We were both virgins. What should i do?


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Yin And Yang answered

You put yourself in a very insecure situation. What you are feeling is either quilt or insecurities or both. Next time respect and love yourself more and wait for a MAN who loves you..... Not some little boy. You will be much happier.

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Darik Majoren answered

It is simply a rite of passage for both genders.

How you feel you are being perceived is how you project yourself.  You've no reason to think less of yourself, so you've no reason to expect that others will treat you less . . . How you PERSONALLY feel can be seen, felt and experienced by those around you.

Respect yourself, and others. There is no shame here that should diminish your worth my dear. Believe it and live it.

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The circumstances around what happened as well as the attitudes you both brought to that experience will of course have some influence about how you feel about what happened.

I am a man, and I never had anything but respect for a woman who chose to give me "the gift of self" as you gave him.

Hold your head high.  You did a very human thing.

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