Me & my bf broke up 4 a whole month and now we r back 2gether he was a virgin before and i just found out yesterday he lost it 2 the girl he started dating after me, should i ignore it or what? I thought he would of lost it to me since we are inlove


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If he TRULY did love you, he wouldnt do something like that. For me, that situation is called cheating. What he did was a stupid thing. You should sort this out. Maybe get out of this relationship? Why would you be with him, after what he has done?  I don't know, but you should talk to him, atleast.
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But i really love this guy, and he felt really bad about it that he wanted to break up with me cause he thinks i deserve better and he doesnt feel right taking my virginity since he lost his to someone else. I dont know what to do ):
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Dump him.
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Listen he didnt cheat on you... You both were broken up... If you 2 were still together then that will be called cheating
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OOOPS  Thats what happens after break ups and nothing you can do about it now so get over it and move on
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To me ithink he was gone for that month because he wanted to do it with someone else ,  if he loved you he wouldnt have just stuck his thing in anyone,  isay he isn't even worth being with at all
____hope this helps :-)
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In your statements,you stated a period of break up..The first question is why did you break up?you must understand that guys are not as ladies.we are drawn easily by what we see.He might have been feeling the same affection towards to after the break up.Not all men are able to overcome temptation by ladies.Besides,you might have forced him to do that.He might have bin so lonely and the ex was there...The other question is why are you back together? Because you love was a mistake during the break up,let sleeping dogs lie and forge ahead with your relationship to make it strong and honourable.thanks
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He is a boy raging with hormones! He is get it from whoever gives it to him first! And no you two were not in love. That is not what love is. Sorry.

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