I Think I Love My Teacher, And He Does Too. He Kissed Me, What Should I Do?


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Ok, I hate to be the wet blanket on your party, but there are some very real things you need to understand.
You are 15 years of age. That makes you a minor, and as much as you may want to be in an adult relationship, you are not prepared to deal with the emotional issues involved in an adult relationship, and even more importantly, you don't have the legal right to decide to do so.
Now I know that may suck, but there are solid reasons for it, but we don't need to get into them here. Instead, you should think of this: A sexual relationship with a minor, when discovered, will do several things to your biology teacher:
  1. It will gain him a criminal record. Sexual contact with a minor is no longer considered a slap on the wrist issue, and is no longer called 'statutory rape'. In most states, it's called 'Rape of a Child in the 3rd degree' (at least in your case, since you're over 12), and carries SEVERE penalties, including imprisonment, stiff penalties, and a requirement to register as a sex offender, usually for a minimum of 10 years.
  2. He will lose his job. In many (if not most) he will lose his teaching license altogether. And as a registered sex offender he will not be allowed to work as a teacher because it would put him in contact with other minors, which is forbidden by law.
  3. His name and face will be plastered all over your local television station, as they report on the offense after it is uncovered. This will shatter his life, and he will probably need to move to a totally different city, possibly state (if he is allowed to) where he will be considered to be just as bad as rapists, and child molesters (considering that by law, that's exactly what he'll be guilty of), and will be vilified, and possibly even attacked by his neighbors (and possibly constantly harassed by local law enforcement). And he may have to move again, if the city he moves into is small enough and they decide to change local ordinances to make it so that there is nowhere in the city where he is allowed to live (don't think I'm kidding, it's happened before).
  4. There's a pretty good chance YOUR name will be leaked, and you may find yourself the focus of slander and personal attacks (such as being labeled a 'slut' or 'whore'), and if you get pregnant, your child will always have the taint of having been conceived under an illegal act....
And these are just some of the things that can happen. Your parents can find themselves targeted by malicious people that may try to claim that they knew about the relationship, and approved of it, and could lose jobs, social standing (friends, etc), and could be forced out of the community by not being able to find work.
Now I know these sound awfully extreme, and perhaps they are in your case, but... As far as the law is concerned, if (or when) your relationship is discovered (and all it takes is a witness to another of your kisses), I have not exaggerated at all.
So even if you think this is the best thing that could happen to you right now, think about how his life will be ruined, and decide from there if a little fun now is worth watching his life destroyed later.
If it is, then you don't really care about him, just the excitement of a little illicit sex.
I know you want to be a grown-up, but you aren't, and the closest you can come to showing just how mature you are and can be, is to end this relationship NOW, before the two of you do something that cannot be undone, and whose repercussions can last a lifetime.
Please think long and hard about this... I just hope you do the right thing, and have nothing to regret in the future.
I wish you all the best, and hope I've given you some things to think about...
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Well, first off thats illegal but who am I to judge.

You guys are at two different points in your life. I Can totally understand if you are with him to feel love and get affection and attention that you don't get from other people, but that doesnt make it right.

Look at the bigger picture, what would you mother/father/grandma/grandpa think?

One thing can lead to another, a kiss is not a innocent as it seems.

If you say you are scared and confused get yourself out of that situation, being scared should not be something you are attracted to!

Tell him that its not right for you two to be together and if he forces or begs you to sta with him or pulls one of those "I love you and remember how good I make you feel" moves then remove yourself from the situation and tell a trusted adult, no one has the right to touch you!

- Erica
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If your 15 it means you can't legally have sex with him in most countries. Even if you were old enough its still a crime or at least professional misconduct for teachers to seek relationships with students in most countries. If you really like him you will tell him how much he is risking with this, he could go to jail for a LONG time over something like this, and will never work in the field in a western country again if he is caught, and trust me, he will be.

I know feeling between teachers and pupils can be strong but you really have to be an adult about this an accept that it can't be.

I hope you can do the right thing.
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Gurl!! I'm in the same situation as you...I know everyone says that is impossible and illegal!
But you know what love can do anything and if you really love him and if he loves you back he will wait for you...think about love doesn't have age he can be really old for you but what happen if he is your real love...sometimes people said that is impossible.!but I think nothing is impossible in this life..I love my math teacher too.I'm 15 and he is 34.I don't care his age..he doesn't know my feelings about him...but just see him smiling make me happy..he told that I'm his favorite student! We have many many things in common..he always laugh of all I said..we spend many time together and I don't think is impossible..
IF YOU love him awesome!IF he loves you wowowo iis great!!but don't date him in school because he can get fired!!wait till you have the adult age to take decisions and see if that relationship can work!!
WISH you the best And I KNOW you will take the best solution!!!
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I can't really say much because I'm in love with my maths teacher who is really a science teacher but you shouldn't go near him because
1. He could get fired if people find out
2. He might get arrested and be in jail for a long time
make  sure though whatever you do don't have sex with him if he likes you he will respect what I'm going to say and that is ask him can he wait to have sex with you till you are at a legal age if he says no then stay very clear from him because it means he does not love you he wants your body.
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That is dangerous if he asked you to ever go to his house for all you know he would rape and kill you. To you, who are very young and manipulative, he is a obsession. To him you are a pawn. I would not get involved with him anymore than you already are, and break any "romantic" relationship you are with him in now. He is dumber than you because he is grown man and can be put in prison for doing what he did. I bet you are smarter than that, go find a guy your own age that CARES about YOU!
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It is illegal. For those who are saying that it's no big deal, they are either:
A. Young, stupid, and naive
b. Young, stupid, and taunting you (laughing at what you might do w/their comments
c. Older sexual predators who are hoping to spread their sick mentality

It's not about what you should do. You KNOW what you should do, or you wouldn't feel the need to ask people on the internet. What would your parents think? Think about what you are doing. Your choice will affect a lot of people.

I'm saddened by this whole page. I read your question and these comments (some encouraging an illegal and hurtful relationship) and I wonder how we've fallen so far.

Again, you know what's right and what's wrong. Now you have to decide what you'll act on. I pray you do the right thing - for everyone's sake.
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Its aginst the rules for a reason I was in this position they just want to use you thats all its impossible for him to "love" you without trying to take advantage of you do the right thing report and walk!    Agony aunt xxx
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You need to talk to your parents. This teacher is committing a crime, a sex crime. He may be the nicest person you have ever met, but you are WAY to young for someone of his age. When you are 18 he will be 36, thats twice your age. In my state of Michigan, USA he would be charged with Statutory rape because you are under the age of consent. Think of it like this, if he TRULY cared about you he would tell you that both of you have to wait (to have sex) until you are 18, and he would tell your parents that he wanted to wait for you to be 18. I think he is infatuated with you, you are most likely quite lovely. Is he married? If he is he has proven to you he is a cheater. DO NOT BE SUCKERED IN, a tryst with him could ruin your life, and his for that matter. DO NOT LET HIM PUSH YOU, and try, very hard, to have self control and think of YOU and your life and what is important in the "big picture". Honey you said you were scared, listen to me, FEAR IS A SIGN OF INTELLIGENCE. If you don't know what to do, then YOU KNOW WHAT NOT TO DO.
Be the good girl your parents raised you to be, protect YOU.
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He told you he 'wants' you? That isn't the same as love. But if he truly IS in love with you, and you with him, you must wait. I really do not think it could ever work between you, simply because you are at such different stages in your lives and will want different things out of the relationship - some of the things he wants, you may not be 100% happy to give.
I am not saying that he is definitely a rapist or a paedophile, but understand that he would be treated and branded as one.
If you love him, or at least value him as a human being, don't give him the chance to ruin his life. Don't let your feelings develop further and say "no" now, because walking away from a kiss will hurt a hell of a lot less that seeing a man you've fallen in love with be locked up.

I know this is hard. I don't condemn you for feeling the way you do about him. I am sixteen and have been in love with my thirty-seven-year-old teacher for twenty months now. I've never said anything to him about it and it is destroying me to the point that I plan on taking my own life this summer. Don't let yourself fall in love with him, if it is not too late. And don't let him ruin his life.
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This situation is not as rare as it seems. I have spent some time researching the outcomes of teacher- student relationships and have discovered that the majority of the time it never works out. 1) The student could discover that the object of their desire really is too old for them. 2) Anyone could find out and the truth comes out sooner or later.
If you truly love this man (which, it sounds like you're not so sure), and he loves you, then you should both wait until you have finished your education and he SHOULD understand.
This relationship will still be frowned upon but will not be illegal when you are at least 20 years old, any sooner and it will all end in tears, trust me.
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Tell your parents, the principal, a school counselor, anyone! It is completely inappropriate and illegal for this man to be behaving this way! He needs to be fired!
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Well, I don't know, if you can't get over it. He won't be your teacher next year, so try to just stay away from him and remember what I just said
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NO NO NO NO NO!!!!! Listen, this is very serious. If ANYONE should find out that your teacher has kissed you, he could be fired and/or arrested! You are a minor and are not able to give consent to have sexual intercourse, so you're teacher will technically be committing rape.
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Stay away your going to mess up your life and his.
When ppl find out everyone will be hating on you
and ppl will stay away from your teacher and he probably wont get a good job
its better if you stay in a dating rage no more than 4 or 5 years older than you...
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Look, you should stay away for him!!! If you want you could tell someone but he will get fired most likely lose his teaching license... Take in mind what you did after he kissed you.... If you really love him you'll regret you ever opened you mouth, anyway just say away from him. It's your choice. If he tries anything else then I'd tell someone...
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I had that with a teacher at my school and I'm 13 and I think hes 25  . I think I love him and I think he loves me back but I really want to kiss him but I don't no if its illegal  does anyone no if it is ?
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Its wrong because you are only 13, if you were 16 (of age) then it would be more acceptable (only a little bit though)
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That is illegal not tell you like 18
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Hey I know how you feel, I love my form teacher people say its just a crush but its not I have had crushes before and they feel nothing compared to how I feel about him, I would love to tell him how I feel but he has a wife and children and I just can't find the right time to tell him my feelings, I flirt with him and he flirts back I think I would have a chance If I told him how I feel.
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Um... That is really bad and you you have a "crush" on him but its not love, and if he kissed you then that is sexually abuse. And he can go to jail. And you can be expelled for it also so I say don't do anything. If you want all thous thing to happen then go right for it. Just do the  right thing good luck :/ :)
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I think that you should put you and your teacher's feelings on hold and finish your education. By the time you graduate it will be legal to date and his career will not be in danger. DON'T let anyone find out about the nature of your relationship, if they do it could mean heartbreak or black mail. This is a delicate situation so be careful and if you have a diary keep it well hidden or get rid of all of the pages talking about you relationship or your feelings of him. Hope this helped and don't give up
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I've never read so much utter guff in my life. Life is risky, and may not last long. My wife is 18 years younger than me, was my student, and we have been together happily for nearly  30 years. We have produced two great sons and continue to have a fantastic family life during which we have worked together and travelled most of the world. Be careful, of course - but kids used to go out into the world and do adult jobs at 14 years old - frankly I wish most still did.
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If I was in your place I wont say yes because he is older than you and think about your dad and mom ,you r stil under age your 15 so your parents are reponsible of you ,he is an old man he can some time go crazy you didn't see life yet and what is outside tell him no and tell your parents not go to far because then he will go crazier just be friends or student and teacher because if not then he may hurt you
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Ok I'm 16 and this is messed right up in my opinion his butt should be behind bars if I was your mom id probably be like mr police man its a race lets see who can get to him first no offence to you but nuh uh hes sick in the head and needs help you can't give him
p.s. Saying I want you is sexual thats not love hes saying he wants in your pants not to love you or be with you. Also guys will say anything to ypu to get in your pants I know trust me. Plus if you get pregnant then what you going to raise a baby on your own????
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DON'T DO IT! He could lose his job going out with if someone found out and he could go straight to jail. Do not date him
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Well, get over it, because that's illegal, and he needs to stick to people in his age range, and you need to stick to people in your age range. Who knows, maybe he's a offender, or just a dangerous person. So, stay FAR away from him.
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He is not able for you because his age is very long to you ,he only wants to use you ,so about that matter you tell to your principal,also tell him sir that he will not do that with you
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Please think about the risks gals, even the kissing is wrong, not only because your under age but because of the teacher student thing, at the very least he could loose his job.
Be sensible gals.
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Girl ;
1. If you have sex ,you could get pregnant
2.He could go to jail.
3.You would regret doing it
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Hey let me tell you I am deeply in love with my band teacher and I  would run with the chance . But its not right he's probably just horny make him think of his freedom  and career.
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Your dumb as hell girl man wats your problem tht dude right there is a pedophile. And tht would be disgusting I mean seriously he could be working at mcdonalds right now when your in school and he is flipping effing burgers
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Ok, first off don't let some of these comments get to you.
I agree that you should stop the relationship, because I was in one myself, with my teacher. I was seeing him for months last year, I was 15 and he was 34. I'm 16 now.
Basically it got found out, and my life just completely shattered. I lost my happiness, my friends, worst of all I lost him. I still love him, terribly, he got suspended and theres an on-going case about it. Its been about 4 months, and I'm still unable to get over everything, lifes extremely hard at the moment.
And despite the amazing times I had with him, I regret EVERYTHING because nothing is worth this pain that I'm feeling now.
So I advise you end it and wait, make the choice I wish I did :/
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Tell your parent or Guadian because he could be a pedophile and that is a strong case so chat with your mum or dad and find the best possible answer
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If he has kissed you then I think that he loves you and he needs you so go for it asked him that you love him when you are alone with him tell that you love him
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These girls were bullying another girl and accused her of liking this teacher when she didnt. That teacher got fired. I think you should stay out of it while you still can.
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Heyy! I know everyone thinks this is wrong but I think this is perfect! If you are already having dinner with him you will already have a connection and I don't see why you shouldn't take it further! I am in a relationship with my teacher at this minute and it has lasted 3 months and we are madly in love!! I say " Go for it girl!" x

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