What To Do, I Fell In Love With My Teacher?


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When you've finally got your degree and find a stable source of income and has been exposed to the world outside the academic realms, and you still have that same feeling for your teacher...go back to her and profess your feelings and if she accepts you, then propose marriage so as not to prolong your agony! Good luck!!!
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Hi, I feel you should wait until you graduate from school. If you make your advances now it may complicate too many things. You have waited this long, wait a little longer. Think about it this way, if she does not feel the same, you will only be around her by choice. If you are still in school you will run into her all the time and that will really hurt you. I hope it works out for you both; love is such a beautiful thing. Merry Christmas Take care!
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You know I have a Special needs teacher named Lorna Coady and I love her with all my heart. I always try to impress her with my very best, I'm a musician and she likes the music I listen to as well....Lynyrd Skynyrd, Neil Young, Van Halen, Bob Seger all them musical greats. The major problem is I'm only 17 and she's 32, I feel so stupid for this but I really enjoy her company. What should I do?
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Honestly, the same thing goes for me. I am also in love with my teacher. I guess you could say that I know for a fact nothing is going to happen, but I still trust him enough to get advice from him. I was dating one of his fellow teachers sons, which is my age, and asked for relationship advice about that from him. Just know that if it were meant to be, its going to happen one way or another. But otherwise, its just a simple crush like mine is. I am not as near in love with him as I was, but he is still a very significant person in my life, and I go to him about simple problems I have. It's just that simple; He is a role-model who is good enough for me to talk to about things. I'm pretty sure he knows my feelings, but he doesn't care. He treats me no differently, but I know that if I need a shoulder to cry on he is there.
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I love my teacher also, but he's not from my country. I just fell in love with him by time but nobody knows until when he told us that he have to leave and to go and live in another country. Then I started crying and I'm sure that he knew from before that I love him then I told him to not go coz I love him so much and I'm going to miss him.....but he told me that he can't be my boyfriend coz it's to0 hard to him. But you my friend tell him/her what do you feel maybe things will go way farther. And GOOD LUCK IN your LIFE
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You are  a pervert..get someone your own age...
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First finish your studies. Then you ask her opinion about the age difference. Ask your parents and her parents before taking any decision.
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Hi Jagannath,

Don't do anything while you're still in school!

After you've graduated you can fully explore the possibilities, but for now I'd say have a long talk with her to figure things out. Good luck.

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Sorry, but this page won't give me a square when I clicked "Answer it" so I will respond to this answer which is similar to other answers here.

You haven't said your age or grade level so that makes a major difference in your question. If you are in college or a senior nearly 18, the other response definitely applies. If you are a Junior 17 or under, you must talk to the school counselor or your parents about this because her participation in "she tells everything of her life to me and I also do the same" indicates that she is extremely wrong and so near to crossing the law that will send her to prison. Such teachers of today are going to prison for wooing young men into false love and sex...they are pedophiles just as any man is when he does the same!!
If you had said that the teacher was of the same-gender, my response here would be that you may be gay and just have not understood it yet. A high percentage of gays can, retrospectively, remembers a teacher, a fellow student, even a friend, whom they "had a crush on." Those 'crushes may have been in elementary school or college' but they are very remember-able by the gay student years later.

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