Im 17 and I fell in love with a 24 year old man. He's my mentor he is supporting me to reach my goals in mathematics. I dont know what's he thinking of me... am I a child to him? Should i forget him?


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Toxic Hairball answered

I'm not too sure how prepared you are for a relationship if you consider a 24-yr old, a boy. Thing is, these actions go two ways, it might be an important point to find out his feelings about you.

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Cookie Roma answered

The thing is at 24 he is (or at least should be ) a man.  It's not hard to see, especially under the circumstances, how you'd develop feelings for him.  It would be so wrong if he reciprocated. 

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Darik Majoren answered

While I am sure this feels all very real to you, your brain is still working out the kinks and will continue to do so into your 20's. Feel what you feel but be wary of acting on WHAT you feel.

Chalk it up to a teenage crush and the gaining of wisdom.

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