So I am currently 24 years old I can't get over I cannot Stop seeing a man I fell in love with about a year ago we are currently having sex as well and have had sex for about a year the sad part is I just found out he's married and I think I love him?


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Ray Dart answered

If he managed to keep his marriage a secret for a year of a very close relationship he's a very successful deceiver. If you genuinely did not have any suspicion that he was "already taken" then he has betrayed your trust.

Anyway, walk away, the world is full of married men, but there are just as many single guys out there who won't string you along.

Easy advice to give, hard to follow.

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Lard Ass answered

That's a tough one, as he's not playing fair. If he never told you he was married until just now he's a rat. Do you really want to spend time with someone who has lied to you for a year?  I understand you have feelings for him, but find something or someone else to occupy your time. Someone who respects you, cos he obviously doesn't. Good luck.

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Danae Hitch answered

You know, if you stop and really think this through, you will realize that he's been cheating on his wife for over a year, with you. How many other girlfriends has he had during the course of his marriage, besides you? In addition, the old adage is definitely true - if he cheated on her with you, left her to be with you, what's to stop him from cheating on you with someone else?

After all, it didn't stop his moral compass from kicking in when he was having sex with you, giving you a condensed version of truth for his life story, concealing the fact that he is already married, therefore already taken.

If you were his wife, wouldn't you feel betrayed by a person that vowed to love you until death do you part? What if he has children? Try to imagine how they would feel about you, knowing you were one of the reasons their mom and dad are having marital problems?

You can try and justify this all you want, but the fact remains - this man is already taken.  This man already has a wife and perhaps a family. This man took vows with his wife.

You're 24 years old. It's time for you to stop having dreams about this man and past time for you to find someone who is actually free to have a relationship with you. Good luck.

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Whether or not you love him is irrelevant. He has deceived you in ALMOST the worst possible way .. The only one he deceived in the worst possible way is his wife. 

Staying with someone who has done something so devious and hurtful to not only you but his entire family is just asking for trouble.

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