Where Can I Go For Help With Out Of Control Teens?


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There are family help groups in most neighborhoods. Harmony Family Health Center is one such place. If the police are involved, family counseling, drug counseling, etc can be arranged through the court system.

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ASk yourself where things started going "out of control" Was there a defining point or did it just happen naturally? There are times that a parents has a hard time seeing "normal teen behavior" and differentiating it from "out of control" behavior. Defiance is a common theme among teens. They are testing their boundaries, this is normal to some extent! Sometimes there is a loss in the family or friendship either through death or someone walking away. See if there was a point to start from, if not, then start from where you are now.
First of all, look within your own self. You gave birth to this child, you raised this child, it is your responsibility to continue to raise this child through the thick and thin! Your Teen with NOT be able to receive help from others unless YOU are willing to listen, learn, and give over and above! Teen's may not want much to do with their parents at times, but they will watch and learn from your behavior non-the-less. Are you treating your child the same as you always did in dicipline or rewards, or are the teen years making you vary your behavior? There is too much to write about looking within yourself, don't over-stress yourself about it, NO ONE is perfect! (
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When teens are out of control you don't need to ask for help from any one. Think about it weren't you the same when you were in your teenage.

If you have a teenage child who is going way out of control, you should be the one who should help out your teenage kids. Its only natural, the teenage is an age where kids have raging hormones; they probably think that they want to do something wild before they grow old, behaving wild and having fun is good to a certain extent, but if your kids go really out of hand, you need to put your foot down and tell them that they better change their ways…or else be ready to face the consequences.

Giving to much freedom to your teenage kids can also result in a lot of unwanted repercussions…
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It's giving too little freedom that makes teens rebel. I rebelled against restrictions. When I was treated like a mature human being, I acted like one. When I was treated like an incompetent child, I made those who did so regret it.
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A good bible believing church!
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If you would have mention what particulars problems you're talking about, it would be easy to give you an appropriate answer. Anyway, you can go for local counseling, If there are behavior problems with your teens, you can adopt a home based intervention plan like the total transformation or Home Intervention System that can help you deal with a wide range of problems that children often encounter including; anger, substance abuse, school issues,
self-esteem, arguing, motivation, interacting with family, and more.
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Lovetoshop, barb power, and Mustaine's advise allroad together gives you options. Some teenagers after they see they are limitations and they can not defy you or anyone else without consequences.

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