I'm 18 years old and i fell in love with a 12 years old girl. she is a very fun girl, we have so much in common, I think that she is perfect and i know that she likes me like I like her. Is it wrong to be with a girl 6 years younger than you?


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Qamar Talib , I just want to dance and this is my dream , we have another tomorrow to realize our dreams ,all i wanna say is that they don't really care , answered

no,the Love doesn't specify Age .

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Because she's under age, and you're over age, yes..

You both need to wait six years, which you'd both be able to do if you really do love each other.

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Yo Kass
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Yup, I agree with Alana. If it's really love, it can wait until she is legal...

I'd also add that at 12, she is not as well-informed about life and able to make decisions in the same way that an 18 year old can.

Being in a relationship with someone that is still at such an 'influenceable' stage in their life would be seen as very unethical in most cultures, and illegal in quite a few countries too!
renee cardwell
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exactly and you could get into serious trouble because your of age and she is underage
love is about waiting until she has grown up and is 18 years old .
can your love for her really wait ???????????????
Nathan Mummert
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Well, according to the law you can not get physical, and people might look at you like you are a sick person, but love doesn't care about age. What really matters is your heart. You can technically get together.

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