A couple of days ago I saw my daughter who is 8 years old and her best friend kissing in the back garden. I asked her about this and she told me that she was in love with her I was wondering if this is a normal thing for a little girl to do?


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max atwood answered
Kids are growing faster than we have seen in a long time. Because of this they are more open to new ideas and have a better idea of their sexuality at a younger age and are more aware of their emotions. You should be supportive and talk to her about it. You will likely find that she doesn't see anything at all wrong with it and that it just comes naturally to her as being straight does to you.
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Not usual behavior here but thanks to TV, kids are experimenting earlier than ever and kids under 16 have no idea what love is truly about so either it's TV or they're learning this from somewhere else so watch who she's hanging around with and talk with her friend's Mother about this and see what's going on, as combined with your other question, I feel there's more here than you're seeing.

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