Girl rejected me , now what?
First of all sorry for my weak english .There is a girl in my class who showed me some interest at the beginning. After 3 months ,finally I told her that I like to hang out with her and get to know her better. it was too early to ask a girl out but I'm a shy person and it was really hard for me to flirt with her. She told me that she is with someone right now however, she is not sure what will happen because she hasn't received any news from that person recently. She said time will fix all issues and then she left. Since that time, I have started ignoring her and I'm doing my best to forget about her. She initiates conversation sometimes after the rejection but I replied her short and cold. Do I still need to keep doing this or I should change my way  
I would appreciate if anyone can help me


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lol awesome !!! I'm not always happy :) I'd love to pretend I am but I am not Annnd that's okay :) I get broken from time to time but I mostly am happy., and I'm over the moon happy now cos I am : I'm so happy right now ... You should be happy :)
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I'm so stupid that I cried at home after she turned me down. Still feel my heart is broken but I will listen to you and I will order a pizza :)
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You need to be nice to her, not cold, because how would you feel if you were in her position.  She's trying to become friends with you again, and you're giving her the cold shoulder.  Lay off, man!

Anyway, people don't really like these questions.  You're lucky if people read past "A girl rejected me."

FYI, your English is pretty good.

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