I made a mistake and my lover freaked out. How do I deal with this?
I'm a medical dr. few months ago I fall in love with one my classmates. She also showed some positive signals. Few days ago she was looking for patients to treat so she can graduate on time. I told her that I will give you my patient and I will find a another patient for myself . She shocked and she told me you are freaking me out by giving me your patient. I am so sad right now because I love her and I don't wanna lose her. I tried to make her happy but now she freaked out. I cant initiate conversation with her now and we will graduate in next 5 months. I would be appreciate if anyone can help me how do I deal with this incident.


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You're a selfish individual, and I'm not surprised that she was offended and i wont be surprised if she chooses not to speak to you, you just hand over a patient who has come to you for a medical condition and you just pass them off because you have the hots for some women who you went to school with not very professional I guess they don't teach that in medical school.

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It was a misunderstanding. I had to give some of my easy patients to undergrads to continue their treatment and to get experience based on our school policy . I gave my list to her to choose so I can get new patient and she got freaked out because she was undergrad ,she did not expect that. I did not get my answer but thank you so much for quick reply
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If you're honestly going to graduate medical school in 5 months ... I feel sorry for the future of medicine.

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Seriously, Walt. This question was written by a one who can hardly spell university, much less be a grad student of one.
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You don't want to lose her?  You never had her, except perhaps on your own mind.

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