I'm In Love, REAL LOVE...she Says She Loves Me Too, But She Has A Boyfriend, She Has Lived With For 1 Year Now. I Want Her To Be With Me, What Should I Do?


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Answer from a girls point of view

You need to make her feel special, However, in the ways that her boyfriend doesn't. For example, if it is her birthday bring her some of her favourite flowers, make sure she gets the impression that you are always there for her and you know special things about her! Don't over do it at first.. Be subtle ... Then move in.. Take her too a friendly movie... One she really wants to go and see.. If she brings up her boyfriend say; Ask how he is. Then she will answer you! You need to say.. Its funny i never pictured you with some one like him! I pictured you with a man who...and describe yourself, that will make it really clear that you like her and want something more.

Will she leave him for you?
If you already seeing her behind her boyfriends back, then I guess you should just have a heart to heart with her. Ask her if you are just a bit on the side, or if she intends to leave her boyfriend to be with you properly. Let her know how serious you are, for example: Would you want to marry her, or if she isn't ready to leave him, will you make the decision and try to move on and find someone available.
It might be worth remembering that people can be very different when you spend a lot of time with them. You have to accept all the parts of them, even the annoying bits, so you might want to date her for at least one year before you seriously commit.
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Can I get your number? Just kidding but I know very few man who would jump hoops over a girl they love. So I guess you should just have a heart to heart with her. Let her know marry her or let her go. And also date her for at least one year before you seriously commit. GOOD LUCK
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This is like my situation but the 3 of us are teens lol, all I can say, is if you love her this much and she knows. Shes either crazy not being with you or she feels stable and happy enough with this other guy.. Even if she thinks your better :)
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First be in her hubby's place and then think about what you have to do
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If she loves you and you really love her then what's the problem you should tell her to leave her boyfriend and if she refuses then its her lost
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I still believe in the sacrament of marriage. If her partner is just her live-in partner, I think it's ok to win her heart. If you're ready to be with her, talk to her. Show her you love her with her children. Be yourself. Good Luck!
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Say You have a boy freind, you have to dump him frist if you love me, you can't cheat on him. You have to say that.
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In my opinion,if she would sleep w/ you,while being w/ him-what makes you think she would be faithful to you? How long have you known her  also? She may have wanted someone to give her attention she's not getting from him,but,she's not married to this guy & hasn't really been w/ him very long,maybe you should talk w/ her & tell her what you wrote here?? 'because, I know what it's like to be w/ a possessive man-been married to one 18yrs. & she can't be very happy.But,I've never cheated either though -that part would bother me,especially since she seem's to stay w/ him. There's A LOT of women out there who would love to have a guy like you,so,if it doesn't work w/ her-remember that!!Best of luck to you.
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Probably wont happen. It's like the married man and the mistress 9 times out of 10 the man stays married. Her kids live with this guy she can't just leave him. It's to complicated and if he is that possessive you had better be careful.
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Ok she says you love her then she will leave the other Guy so she shouldnt be worth the pain... I know it sounds harsh but if she wont drop him then you should drop her
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Seems like you love her and want to be committed to her. Let her know all of the bad things about her boyfriend. And if they break up, attack. Go out with her, and when you're ready marry her...   Good luck! <3
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You should tell her your true feelings and maybe she will feel the same way about you. You never know what could happen.
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It depending on the degree of serious the feel this relationship but are you sure she loves you  if you sure why you find aproblem to take her to live with you.. You can talk with her direct in this...
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Oh my god babe I'm really sorry coz it sounds like you really love her and thats hard to come by but if she loved you as much as you do 4 her she would have left him by now, but keep on trying to get her by you're side you never know she could be you're goddess soon. Remember once she's with you let her go and show her how much you love her everyday but don't force her to end the relationship with the other guy coz then she'll probably think you would be way to over protective, jealous and she'd feel like you would restrict her way too much don't forget she needs personal time too. Hope she loves you just the way that you love her :)
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Hey there,

You love her thats true,  appriciate your conern,

you told she love you, if she loves you so why could she leaves you?

think about it, leave that girl cause she have not feelings for you..

sorry but its true..

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