Do you believe in Love at First Sight? Why or Why not?


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Kathryn Wright answered
Cant take my eyes off of you
Had you asked me this question some 10 years or so ago, like most youngsters I would have said yes, I guess in the same way some people believe in Santa, there's a hopeful longing that love will be that easy, that you will see someone, be memorized by them, take them on a date there and then, have a whirlwind romance, and be hearing wedding bells before long.

Although most people have learned through experience that you can feel very drawn to a person initially, and this could be down to chemistry and looks, and sexual attraction, however, love it what is left when all of that excitement has burnt away.

I initially met my partner just popping into a shop, and liked him immediately. 2 months later, a job came up there, I applied and started working there. 3 Months later we started dating and 8 years later got married.

So is Love at first sight real?
When we talk about it now, we both say how we kept thinking about each other even after that one encounter when I was shopping, undoubtedly, I wouldn't have applied for the job if I hadn't remembered the good looking shop assistant, so some could argue that this must have been love at first reality, it was years of being there for each other and working at the relationship that built it into something more than a crush.

So, Lust at first sight yes, but Love is a much deeper, more earned and long lasting feeling and perhaps isn't your initial feeling, although the strong pull of lustful desire can lead you onto a long lasting relationship.
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Hayden Hansen answered
I believe people can be attracted to each other at first sight, but not love. If you love someone, you pretty much know everything about them, and love all their flaws, but how can you know everything about someone when you first see them?

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Ray Ottewell answered
No, it is infatuation at first sight. Why not, because you have to get to know someone, before you can say you love them.
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I don't think so. Maybe theyre just attracted by the person. Like, wow! He looks fine! Or maybe theyre attracted to theyre smile. Something like that. But you have to get to know them, to be in love.
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I believe you can look at a guy/girl and think "wow they look amazing" and you can feel like its love at first you are in love with their looks which intrigues you to get to know them and then you do and maybe their personality is as beautiful as them so then you start to love that too , but it most definitely take much more longer to fall in love with a persons persona , so it depends what sort of love..
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There is no such thing. There is "oh he's cute" or "she looks good" at first sight, but not love. Love means so much more than first impression of physical features.
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Nina Garcia answered
Yes. I experienced it not long ago. It really exists.
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Sue Curry answered
No I don't believe in it. I mean it is all about infatuation I feel. Besides you must know the person before you can decide what is going on.
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I believe in love at first sight :) I met my partner on an internet dating site and after a couple of weeks of talking on the phone and on msn we decided it was time to meet. As soon as I saw him I could feel myself already falling in love with him :) this is the first time its ever happened to me and 4 months later we are still going strong and I wouldn't have it any other way <3

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