What Gift From Your Parents Would Mean The Most To You?


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The gift they have always given me...
The fact that they are happy together.
Both had, at least, one ex that had
made their lives miserable.  I witnessed that
with my mother and only heard about my
step-father's ex.  In the eyes of society, he may
be my step-father, but as far as I'm concerned,
he IS my father.  I could ask for no better man
to marry my mother and Pa found Ma the
better woman.
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Merlin Paine answered
The greatest gift from my parents comes from my mother who allowed me to have fun as a kid and enjoy this period in my life....As i look back on it I was born the second child in a family of nine and my father was a coal miner.....we did not have an indoor bath room until I was fifteen but luxury is not happiness...Freedom to live your own life as a child, within reason,  freedom to be yourself as a child unencumbered by too many unnecessary constraints is happiness..and my mother who only had a sixth grade education knew this.....and made my life as a child happier than many millionaire's sons or daughters......
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Keith Old
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Sounds great Socrates.
Joan commented
Too many parents today have their children's lives scheduled from the time they are released from school in the afternoon until they lay their heads on the pillow at night. Children, as you pointed out, need time to be children and learn to entertain themselves. Your Mom was a wise lady.
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I Wish They Could Come Back To Me For A Few Hours To I Could Tell Them How I've Been Doing And That I Miss Them.. I Want The Gift Of Their Voice.. I Guess.. I've Needed Their Advice ... At Times.. But I've Called My Relatives.... Cherish Your Parents If You Can Still Visit Them.. Hopefully You Still Get Along With Your Parents.. Appreciate Them
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The most important gift??? Thats easy!!!!  My mom gave me the letters that her and dad wrote back and forth when he was in Germany.  Love reading them.  "I cant Wait to see Dear John for that reason".  And when my mom passed away ( basically gave up on life and let her self die) I was so angry with her not knowing why she would allow for that to happen.  My dad let me know that Mom was not scared and was ready to no longer be in pain.  That put me at such ease and the anger just melted away.  Those were the best two gifts my parents ever gave me.
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For me it would be a surprise something i couldnt even imagine i could have( its happened before, i got a dog)
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My late mother gave me unconditional LOVE, which is the greatest "gift" of all of them.
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The gift of eternal happiness to themselves. And to live forever with me. It's all cliched stuff here, but this is truly the greatest they can give me.
And of course, their love, that has no conditions or limitations, is already there. I love you mom and dad
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Just the gift of love and to be loved. I lost my mother when she was only 62 around 7 years ago. My dad is 83 and still kicking. I am much closer to him than I was to her. Even though she's gone from our world, she is still with me. They BOTH have given so much with their teachings and I am so grateful.
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They already gave me the greatest gift, raising me to be happy.

If only they could whisper in my ear what the winning lotto numbers are, I would love that. Do you believe in an afterlife? They passed on 25 years ago.
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My parents, of course, gave me love but they also gave me a faith in myself.  They raised me to think independently and to make choices for myself not based on what others wanted me to do but what I thought was best for me.  I guess the word I am looking for is they raised me to be "self-reliant".
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Their unconditional love & their time. So many of us think that we are doing them a favor once they get older to visit or call not realizing that they will not always be here. Their wisdom, memories & time are priceless to me & things i get to keep forever.

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